Growing up in the ’80’s I watched a lot of TV. One of my favorite shows as a child was Remington Steele. Starring Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist, it was awash with classic movie references, many of which I actually understood, humor and mystery. The 1980’s were awash in detective/crime fighting shows. Today we’d probably refer to some of these as “Cozies”There was Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, Mike Hammer, Murder She Wrote, Stingray, etc. But Remington Steele was my favorite.

I bought the first, second and third seasons over a decade ago, but held off on the fourth/fifth combined set because I remembered the last couple of seasons being rather weak. Eventually I did pick it up, mostly just to complete the set. For me, the first season was the best, with the most iconic episodes.

There are a number of guest stars that appeared in this series early on in their careers. Several that appeared near the end as well. In watching them, I was mildly surprised at the number of faces I recognized from other shows and movies.

I always liked how sharply dressed Brosnan was in this series. The suits, with the collar pin under his ties, made him appear quite debonair. I had quite the boyhood crush on Stephanie Zimbalist as well. She made freckles quite sexy. I didn’t mind having mine anymore.

Here I will link to my review each episode.

One thing I despise about the Season 1 DVDs is that they put a bunch of photos on the cases that aren’t from Season 1. It’s incredibly annoying.

Season 1:

  1. License to Steele – Originally aired 10-1-1982
  2. Tempered Steele – Originally aired 10-8-1982
  3. Steele Waters Run Deep – Originally aired 10-22-1982
  4. Signed, Steeled and Delivered – Originally aired 10-29-1982
  5. Thou Shalt Not Steele – Originally aired 11-5-1982
  6. Steele Belted – Originally aired 11-12-1982
  7. Etched In Steele – Originally aired 11-19-1982
  8. You’re Steele the One For Me – Originally aired 11-26-1982
  9. In the Steele Of the Night – Originally aired 12-3-1982
  10. Steele Trap – Originally aired 12-10-1982
  11. Steeling the Show – Originally aired 01-07-1983