Remington asks Laura to investigate a fatal auto accident that begins to look more like a murder committed by the Asian underworld. – from the DVD case.


This is another episode that I don’t really remember from my youth, nor from watching the DVDs several years ago. The premise isn’t all that bad. A business man flies to LA to surprise his little brother, but dies in an auto accident shortly after leaving the airport. Then the other person involved in the accident disappears as well. It wasn’t even executed all that badly. It’s just not a very memorable episode for me.

There are some nice visuals, though. Laura and Steele look great, once again.

RS 1_8a

Murphy makes a nice appearance as well. Of course he’s the one doing the exhausting leg work.

RS 1_8c

There is one scene that, if filmed today, would likely cause the SJWs to howl in outrage. While trying to break Mike Ito out of where he is being held, Laura dresses up as a geisha. Nothing disrespectful about it, but you know some nut would get bent out of shape and be offended on behalf of the Japanese.