Remington is suspicious of a smooth-talking attorney who seems more interested in flirting with Laura than in proving his client not guilty of coin theft and murder. – from the DVD case.


Steele is trying to have a nice date with Cleo Taplinger. Yet every time he brings her back to his apartment it’s been violated in some way, totally killing the mood. First time his apartment has been ransacked. Second time they do get to the bedroom, only to find it already occupied by a dead body. And that’s the last we see of poor Cleo.

Remington has other problems, like getting knocked over the head trying to follow up a lead. He later shows up at the office in a disheveled manner.

RS 1_6a

Laura has her own dating concerns going on, as the lawyer who is representing their client hits on her, and takes her out for a fun evening of video games. Barry Van Dyke, before his starring turn in Diagnosis Murder (but after the extremely disappointing Galactica 1980) plays the part with aplomb. Had it been written differently I could see his character making several appearances to play the foil to Steele’s advances.

RS 1_6b

In the end, Laura and Steele remain single, and their client gets back with his wife.