Oh the joys of being clueless. Someone on FaceBook was lamenting the fact that the grocery stores weren’t open today and was wondering where they could get food for she and her offspring. My comment, while probably not as sensitive as it could have been, was that there were several convenience stores open and that they wouldn’t starve to death from the grocery stores being closed for a day, and that if she was looking for more than necessities she planned poorly. For that I was referred to as “Scrooge”. When I pointed out that Scrooge was the one that wanted everyone to be working as if Christmas were any other normal day of the year her retort was that she could call me other things worse than Scrooge.


Really? I’m so broken scared of what she might refer to me as! /sarc


I was referred to as extreme right wingNazi, misogynist, racist, sexist and fascist a couple of years ago simply because I thought entertainment should be…entertaining. I’m guessing this little one’s name calling wouldn’t get worse than that.


But seriously, how long have these people been living in North Dakota? We frequently get blizzards up here where nothing is open except emergency services and the workers trapped at the gas stations. And it’s not as if Christmas hasn’t been on the calendar for awhile now. Plus, we just had a major holiday last month where everything shut down. If you’re old enough to have a kid, you’re old enough to plan ahead. You’re not helpless.