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May 2022

Making Political Hay While the Blood Is Flowing

Never let a crisis go to waste is a popular sentiment for most politicians. This seems to be getting a little ridiculous though. Occasional Cortex bleated about laws that let people get murdered. And Candace Owens had a good take down for her.

This is right up there with DiFi saying “…it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.” No it’s not.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2022

This weekend isn’t just about barbeque cookouts, camping, racing, or a day off from work. It’s supposed to primarily about remembering (hence “memorial”) those who died and can’t be here anymore.

While I’ve been lucky in that my relatives that have served over the years have been pretty much unscathed. My thanks to all who served. But I’m especially grateful for those that gave the ultimate price in service of country.

My grandfather served in the 460th Artillery Battalion (part of the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team) during WWII. A list of those who were unable to come back can be found here. I inherited my grandfather’s photos, and will one day put those up once I get them all scanned and sorted out.


My father served in VA-45 aboard the USS Intrepid shortly after I was born. He worked on the A-4E airframe. He once told me that they only lost one man on the single cruise he was on. Apparently the guy was washed overboard during a storm in the North Atlantic. He had lots of stories about that cruise and the incidents that the pilots got into.

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Hmmm? Tinnitus affects sleep

This article regarding tinnitus piqued my curiosity. When I was a kid I could sleep through anything. Tornado signs down the block (I slept with my window open because all we had for AC, when we finally got it, was a window unit out in the living room) wouldn’t wake me up. Even up through college I was a heavy sleeper. Once my daughter was born I became a light sleeper, trying to give my wife a chance to get a good night’s sleep. But in the last few years I’ve had difficulty sleeping. I assumed it was due to the issues I was having with my back, which were actually due to my having cancer. I’m cancer free now (6 months! Yahoo!) but still having sleep issues. I started taking diphenhydramine about 15 years ago, and melatonin about 12 years ago, with increasing amounts over time. I even tried doing a shot of tequila or other alcohol just before bed, which helped for awhile. Since my cancer diagnosis I’ve been taking trazadone several nights a week and that usually helps.


I’ve suffered from a low grade tinnitus since around college. I’m not exactly sure of the timeframe, as it’s a very low grade sound in the background, that I mostly notice when it stops. Which it does stop occasionally for a few minutes. When it does it jars me out of whatever I’m doing because suddenly everything is quiet and any sounds are crystal clear. Unfortunately that state only lasts for a couple of minutes at most before the ringing comes back again.


I wonder if this could also be a contributor to my sleep issues.



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