While at a party for a best-selling author, Laura and Remington are approached by the author’s terrified husband who says he fears for his life. – from the DVD case.



Not one of my favorite episodes. In fact, I don’t even remember this one from my childhood. Nor do I remember it from watching the discs a several of years ago. There’s nothing all that memorable about the episode for me. Ghost writing is nothing new. The “hunky” gardener for the high rise apartment didn’t strike as all that good looking. Brosnan does look spectacular in a tux though. And Zimbalist is always attractive. Other than that, nothing visually noteworthy nor impressive story wise.

We do get a nice look at Bernice’s funky coffee cup, though. I remember when those style of cups were all the rage. I always thought they looked butt-ugly. Definitely can’t say the same about the two ladies in the screen capture. They are stunning.

RS 1_7a

Late in the episode we get Laura coming to Steele’s rescue with correct determination of who the culprit is. Such a beautiful woman.

RS 1_7c