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June 2014

Correlating Gun Control Laws Worldwide and Crime Discloses Surprises


Sapphire Sky

Do readily available guns make a society more safe as citizens are better able to protect themselves and deter wrongdoers, or, do more guns make a society more violent and dangerous?

Well, there’s a world of information to look at to get answers.  Literally.  For many years now, some countries, such as England, Singapore, and New Zealand, have made it all but impossible for their citizens to lawfully own and possess let alone use a loaded firearm.  Other countries, like the United States, Israel, and Bulgaria have made it only moderately cumbersome for a citizen to lawfully obtain the right to own and possess a loaded firearm. Do the strict gun control countries enjoy lower rates of crime or higher?

As I set out to investigate the relationship between the freedom to carry firearms and violent crime, I could not find a source that gauged a nation’s freedom to possess…

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The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape

Larry makes some good points here. What I can’t fathom is the people who think that Miss NV is wrong for wanting to defend herself. Never, ever turn _your_ security over to someone else. It’s _your_ responsibility and the other person may not always be around to protect you.

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