I haven’t done much blogging lately, too busy reading and working on my daughter’s playhouse in between health issues.IMG_20140930_141508 But the last couple of days have gotten my ire up with the Social Justice Warriors and their incessant bullshit.

We (as in humanity) just landed a probe on a comet in the middle of nowhere 350 Million miles away. That is an OUTSTANDING achievement and deserves to be lauded on every single science and news site in existence. And while it has gotten a bunch of publicity, lately it’s mostly been about the wardrobe choice of one of the lead scientists. Rose Eveleth got her knickers bunched up because Dr. Matt Taylor wore a brightly colored shirt with women on it. To be honest, when I first saw the video and photos of him I was more interested in what he had to say than what he was wearing. I thought it was just some flowered Hawai’ian shirt. But, here’s the thing that gets my goat about this whole thing: If what someone else wears is enough to scare you away from a professional field, you aren’t professional enough to actually be taken seriously in ANY field you work in. If that’s enough to scare your child from entering that field you have failed as a parent. Was the shirt in poor taste for appearing before a worldwide audience? Yeah, it wasn’t very professional looking. Is it something to browbeat and/or ostracize someone over? No way. I understand he later made an apology and broke down in tears. Unfortunate, because sometimes people just need to be told to ‘Fuck Off’.

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