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“Community Standards Violation”

You know, this BS of pointing out bad behavior in public violating “Community Standards” on social media sites is getting old. Or pointing out behavior that would actually go against community standards that is deemed “Acceptable”. FascistBook is the most egregious abuser of this. I hear Twitter is just as bad, but that’s a service I don’t use so don’t know first hand. I once reported an image of a girl sucking a guy’s dick to FB and was told it didn’t violate their standards. Dafuque?????? Actual porn is OK? But posting that Eric Ciaramella is the likely “whistleblower” for the Trump Shampeachment, as reported by news outlets across the country, and even by Schiff himself. Oy vey!


Anyway, what prompted this post was an email I got when I logged into my yahoo account this morning from the Nextdoor Team regarding a comment I made on a post of someone driving around a neighborhood taking pictures of kids:community standards violation

I mean, it’s not like he hasn’t had his name posted all over the internet, including various news sites, like here, here, and here. I’ve posted about him before on this blog.

And while I don’t have any evidence that it is him this time, his past behavior makes him a prime, and known, suspect. Merely pointing out that fact and asking if anyone knows where he is currently and what he’s driving should, under no circumstances, be considered a violation of any community standard.

driver taking pictures

And while there is no expectation of privacy when out in public, I still maintain that you shouldn’t go around acting like a douche just because you can. Taking pictures of other people’s kids raises a lot of suspicion about your motives. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s moral or ethical.

Surviving the Wu-Flu

Oh. My. Gosh! We’re all going to die!

Well maybe not. Over on Watts Up With That is a reflection on the closest thing we have to clinical lab experiment with Covid-19 (or whatever you want to call it today, seems like it changes hourly) that would indicate that things maybe aren’t quite as dire as the mainstream media tells us. If you’re in a risk group, things could be bad. Everyone else should be fine.

not what I said 1

That doesn’t mean don’t take precautions. Great Googily-Moogily, people that are otherwise intelligent are losing their minds and twisting peoples’ words so they can continue their freak out. Yes, more positive tests are going to be showing up. It’s going to be exponential in growth as ever more people are tested. In ND, we jumped from 1 positive test to 5 overnight, right now it’s up to 6. But, take a closer look at the number of actual tests. 268 tests and only 6 positive cases. Even Jayne Cobb can do the math here.

Jaynes math

It’s not quite that bad. But 6 divided by 268 potential cases is…2.2%

Huh, that seems awfully low for such a wild response.

People are panic buying TP. Schools and businesses are closing. A bunch of these small businesses may never recover.

That’s where my concern lies right now. We are going to kill our economy over this and it’s going to hurt even more people than the virus would have.

On a personal note, I finished reading Nick Cole’s CNTRL ALT Revolt! It was OUTSTANDING! Best book I’ve read in awhile. The action was exhilarating, both in the game world and the ‘real’ world. The snarky jabs at SJWs and Cancel Culture were hilarious. I asked Mr. Cole about whether those jabs were always in there, or if he had re-edited it after his publisher had dropped him. He said “…it got about 25% more bitter.” It turned out awesome. If you’re wondering about the backstory of his being dropped by his publisher, you can see it here on his blog. If you get a chance, check out one of his books. He’s a pretty talented and entertaining writer.

For my next book I decided to pick something by John Ringo. Because, John Ringo can also write an exhilarating story. Heck, if he, Sarah Hoyt or Larry Correia were to publish their shopping lists I’d buy them. They can make anything into a page turner.

But, back to the book I chose The Last Centurion. I think I may have possibly made a mistake. 20 pages in he’s describing the major catastrophes of 2019 being 1) the sun putting out less energy so we end up with a cold spell and 2) an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu. Because, why not? Oh well, at least I’ll be entertained as we all die.

My recommendations? Don’t panic, grab a good book and a towel. Someone check to see if the dolphins have left.

December Blizzard 2019

OK, I’m a few days late on this, but there was a blizzard the other day. It’s not the first late December storm I’ve had to work through. Nor is it the first blizzard of this season, as we had one in October.

It took me over an hour to blow my driveway clear, which still left about a foot or so of snow in the street to have to drive through. The bush by the garage creates a drift in the driveway pretty much any time the wind blows.


When I got to work there was a drift in front of the front door reminiscent of the December 26, 2009. We have a back door now, so I didn’t have to dig my way through this time.

Winter Show 2019

Little Britches had her first “recital” at her new dance company, Red River Dance and Performing Company. It was the winter show. Things are run a little differently than when she was at Dance Elite. Instead of an overarching theme, or story being told, it was a bunch of disparate dances. Many of them had a Christmas theme, but some did not. It was also split up into three different shows. Since she danced in each show we had to buy tickets for each one.

Show #1

In the first show, the Mighty competition team did their routine. Care to guess the song?

One of my friends has her kids there as well. One didn’t want to come out and dance. But her daughter did, and did well. She came out at the end holding onto the hand of the competition director.

Show #2

The second show had Little Britches dancing twice. I just love her smile while she dances.

Show #3

She only had one dance, tap, during the third show. She looks so happy out there. And rather sassy as well.



A photo stand was set up out in the lobby for people to take photos in front of. Two of her favorite instructors were goofing around in front of it, Miss Kris and Miss Nikki.

What A Difference A Year Makes

We had a winter storm come through the other day. It’s a little early for snow, but not extremely so. There were numerous years growing up when I had to wear my snowmobile suit under my costume to go trick-or-treating.

20181012_185141[1] This was my tree on 10-12-18. When I left for work in the morning it was full of leaves. When I came home in the afternoon it was like this.


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Previous air shows

Since I put up photos of the air show a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would post some photos from some prior air shows I have seen, but didn’t necessarily pay to attend.

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2019 Fargo Air Show

I finally got around to editing the photos I took on July 20th at the Fargo Air show. I went to see the Air Force Thunderbirds. I saw them twice as a child in Minot, before and after the training crash. They are entertaining, but I think I like the Blue Angels show better. I certainly took more photos at the last Blue Angels show. I think some of these turned out quite well, though. Continue reading “2019 Fargo Air Show”

Great Grandpa

For decades my grandparents had this photo of his dad on a cattle drive hanging up in the house. After my grandfather died, and my grandma moved, she kept it hanging on the wall in her apartment, and later her condo. When she moved to an assisted living facility last fall I inherited it. It’s now hanging on my downstairs hallway wall. I’m not sure which of the males on the horse is my great grandfather, though.

IMG_6078 cropped

They would bring cattle up from Minnesota somewhere. From the hills in the background it looks like this photo was probably taken around the area south of Towner, ND. There’s a small imprint of the studio that shows it was from a photographer in Bottineau, ND. And he did have a farm up in the Turtle Mountains. So it’s possible those hills could be the Turtle Mountains along the Canadian border. But it just doesn’t look right to me to be that far north. It looks very much like the area between Towner and Harvey. Continue reading “Great Grandpa”

Did I just dream that?

In the on-line book club I’m in we are reading J.T. Ellison’s Tear Me Apart. It’s not what I normally read, but it’s moving along well and keeping my interest. It’s got a few flaws. The character that I identified with the most, Juliet, pissed me off when she not only decided to jeapardize her career, but also possibly have every case she’s ever worked on reopened and/or vacated because she wants to help her niece by disregarding all the rules (and the law) about professional conduct.

I generally hate it when a major new character suddenly appears half way through a book. But the Zack Armstrong character seems compelling and sympathetic. I’m interested in what he’s doing.

However, after catching up yesterday to where we are supposed to be in the book for this week, I got sick last night. I had some weird dreams involving the story and characters in the book. So today I need to go back and re-read what I read yesterday. Because I don’t remember what was in the book and what was just in the dream. Argh!

So far the book has been pretty good. I’m hoping it stays that way.

tear me apart

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