Aging B-movie queen Veronica Kirk turns to Laura and Remington when she becomes convinced someone is trying to kill her. – from the DVD case.

Another iconic episode that I love to watch and remember as being so fun. This one starts out with the daughter of an aging actress asking Laura and Murphy for help with her crazy mother while Bernice tries distracting Remington when he walks in the door.


RS 1_11aRemington is in 7th heaven to be working with someone he used to watch on the big screen. The rather unscrupulous producer of Kirk’s latest movie is played by Peter Jurassic, probably best well known to my generation for playing Londo on Babylon 5.

RS 1_11b

There’s some rather touching moments between Remington and Laura. But what I really remember best is later in the episode when Kirk is sent to an insane asylum and Murphy impersonates and officer bringing in a ‘crazy’ Remington. I could watch that scene over and over and over.

In the end we have the big reveal and find out if Veronica Kirk is a murderer, or if she’s just covering for her daughter, or if it’s someone else. I really enjoy this episode.

RS 1_11f