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July 2017

I’m cranky this Saturday, too

Sarah was talking about how she is cranky this Saturday. I’m pretty cranky today as well.


My daughter is in dance. And the company she is in does a great job teaching the kids, and even places well at competitions. They are quite affordable, being a couple of hundred dollars less/year than other area companies. But the owner is not nearly as organized as she thinks she is.


My daughter was signed up for a dance camp for Tues, Wed, and Thurs this week. When my wife and daughter showed up at 6 for it, no one was around. We never received an email that it was cancelled or postponed. The telephone number listed on the website and the facebook page is disconnected. My wife sent her an email. The next morning there was an email from the owner, but it wasn’t about the cancelled camp. It was about drop in classes being available this week instead. In fact, we didn’t get a response back from the email we sent until this morning, 5 days after the fact. When we hadn’t heard from her by 1PM Wednesday I posted on the facebook page asking what was up, and that this was the 4th or 5th time within the last year that something my daughter had been signed up for had been changed with little or no notice.

This morning’s email said she was sorry for the confusion, that she thought we had signed her up for the August camp, even though she made it clear when she responded back in June that Little Britches was signed up for the July camp. Miss M (the owner)  also said that this was NOT the 4th or 5th time something had been changed and that she was upset with me for posting on their facebook page. Unfortunately for her I have the emails yet where she did, in fact, change things. Continue reading “I’m cranky this Saturday, too”

Math: It’s not just for breakfast any more.

Life is hard. It’s harder when you can’t add. David breaks it down for us.

The Writer in Black

A little bit late today compared to when I usually post–not that there’s a set schedule.  Had to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport.

On another Social Media platform (I saw it on FaceBook, but it was copied from elsewhere) the claim was made:

The F-35 fighter jet budget is set to exceed a total of $406 billion.  Remember that when they say single-payer is too expensive.

Let’s run with that, shall we?  First off, that budget is over ten years.  So that would be $40.6 billion a year on average.  Population of the US, as of this writing is estimated (US Census Bureau) at 325,428,250 (it will be higher by the time you look at it, if you do).  Let’s just say 325 million.  That means the F-35 budget, if the project were completely abandoned and all the money shifted to health care, would…

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Constitutional Carry Sweeping Nation

A right for which I need to ask permission from the State before exercising is no right. It gladdens my heart to see states going back to the intent of the Constitution.

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