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April 2019

Great Grandpa

For decades my grandparents had this photo of his dad on a cattle drive hanging up in the house. After my grandfather died, and my grandma moved, she kept it hanging on the wall in her apartment, and later her condo. When she moved to an assisted living facility last fall I inherited it. It’s now hanging on my downstairs hallway wall. I’m not sure which of the males on the horse is my great grandfather, though.

IMG_6078 cropped

They would bring cattle up from Minnesota somewhere. From the hills in the background it looks like this photo was probably taken around the area south of Towner, ND. There’s a small imprint of the studio that shows it was from a photographer in Bottineau, ND. And he did have a farm up in the Turtle Mountains. So it’s possible those hills could be the Turtle Mountains along the Canadian border. But it just doesn’t look right to me to be that far north. It looks very much like the area between Towner and Harvey. Continue reading “Great Grandpa”

Steele Trap

Laura and Remington find themselves in danger on a remote tropical island when they investigate the sudden suicide of a prospective client. – from the DVD case.


Another great, memorable episode from season 1. Laura and Remington show up at a plastic surgeon’s office just in time to hear him shoot himself. On the desk is an invite to an island retreat, supposedly reminiscent of the Playboy Mansion I guess, just on a grander scale.

RS 1_10a

Zimbalist is hot, hot, hot, in her fedora.

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In the Steele Of the Night

When a highly successful but not well liked private investigator throws a reunion party for all his former associates, he ends up with a broken neck. – from the DVD case.


This is the most memorable episode for me from my youth. It’s also got a scene from the title credits. But what made this one stand out for me so much as a kid, I think, is that Steele not only was able to fit in and fool the other detectives, but that Murphy emulated him by the end of the episode.

But it starts out with some horrid blue screen scene with Laura and Murphy in her car.

RS 1_9a

Even for the time that seemed a little cheesy. But it gets better from there. Steele wasn’t told he was invited, but unexpectedly shows up when he finds the invite. He shows up just in time for story time, where everyone is invited to tell about one of their most perplexing cases.

Later we get to see Murphy and Sandy, played by Carlene Watkins, have a nice reminiscence after she had a swim. It appears they rather liked each other.

RS 1_9b

Later that night Laura gets up from hearing a banging noise. It turns out it’s the elevator door hitting the arm of their dead host. This scene appears in the title sequence.

RS 1_9e

As the only one who didn’t know the victim, Steele is elected to lead the investigation before they call the police. With Laura’s help, Steele does quite well.

And by the end of the episode Murphy is trying to impress Bernice…with the same story Steele told at the party.

You’re Steele the One For Me

Remington asks Laura to investigate a fatal auto accident that begins to look more like a murder committed by the Asian underworld. – from the DVD case.


This is another episode that I don’t really remember from my youth, nor from watching the DVDs several years ago. The premise isn’t all that bad. A business man flies to LA to surprise his little brother, but dies in an auto accident shortly after leaving the airport. Then the other person involved in the accident disappears as well. It wasn’t even executed all that badly. It’s just not a very memorable episode for me.

There are some nice visuals, though. Laura and Steele look great, once again.

RS 1_8a

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Etched In Steele

While at a party for a best-selling author, Laura and Remington are approached by the author’s terrified husband who says he fears for his life. – from the DVD case.



Not one of my favorite episodes. In fact, I don’t even remember this one from my childhood. Nor do I remember it from watching the discs a several of years ago. There’s nothing all that memorable about the episode for me. Ghost writing is nothing new. The “hunky” gardener for the high rise apartment didn’t strike as all that good looking. Brosnan does look spectacular in a tux though. And Zimbalist is always attractive. Other than that, nothing visually noteworthy nor impressive story wise.

We do get a nice look at Bernice’s funky coffee cup, though. I remember when those style of cups were all the rage. I always thought they looked butt-ugly. Definitely can’t say the same about the two ladies in the screen capture. They are stunning.

RS 1_7a

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Steele Belted

Remington is suspicious of a smooth-talking attorney who seems more interested in flirting with Laura than in proving his client not guilty of coin theft and murder. – from the DVD case.


Steele is trying to have a nice date with Cleo Taplinger. Yet every time he brings her back to his apartment it’s been violated in some way, totally killing the mood. First time his apartment has been ransacked. Second time they do get to the bedroom, only to find it already occupied by a dead body. And that’s the last we see of poor Cleo.

Remington has other problems, like getting knocked over the head trying to follow up a lead. He later shows up at the office in a disheveled manner.

RS 1_6a

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Thou Shalt Not Steele

Laura and Remington clash when she wants to provide security for a multimillion-dollar painting and he wants to turn down the job because the painting is cursed. – from the DVD cover


Another great episode from season 1 that includes the scene from the title sequence of Laura and Remington zip-lining across the gallery floor. Perhaps my favorite thing about this episode is the interaction between Brosnan and his real-life wife, Cassandra Harris, who had appeared in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only the year before. When she sneaks into his apartment and comes out of the bedroom while Laura is there is a delightfully funny moment.

RS 1_5a

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Signed, Steeled and Delivered

A CIA agent on the run from his own agency claims that he has been targeted for murder on the eve of his wedding. – from the DVD case.


One of my favorite, and also one of the episodes I remember most. It opens with Thom Bray (before his iconic role as Boz in the TV series Riptide) covered in a red liquid fleeing a hotel room. It turns out the red liquid isn’t blood, but rather hair dye so he can change his appearance. He takes off in an old red Camaro convertible down a winding mountain road, only to be stopped by some construction/utility work. Behind him appears a blonde woman (Marta Kristen, Judy of Lost In Space fame) in another convertible, who pulls out a gun and tries to kill him.

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Steele Waters Run Deep

Remington and Laura are called in after a video game genius disappears with the plans to a new video game and five million dollars of company money. – from the DVD cover.


This is the first episode where I started seeing a bunch of people that I recognized from other TV shows and movies. Roxanne Hart from the weakest of the Oh, God! movies (Oh, God! You Devil), and the cult favorite Highlander. Peter Scolari, who had just appeared in Bosam Buddies with Tom Hanks, and before he was on Newhart.

RS 1_3a

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