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May 2021

Wonderful news


An update on my condition.


Woo Hoo!  Had another round of chemo this week and we went over my latest CT scan from Monday. Halfway through my chemo treatments and the CT scan showed everything shrinking. Two of the smaller nodules in my lungs were completely gone, and the others were down by about half to two-thirds of what they originally were. The lymph nodes in my rectum were also shrinking as was the tumor itself.

The doctor said after the 8th chemo treatment I’ll have another scan and the team will decide if more chemo is advised, or if we’ll progress to radiation/chemo treatments.

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Weird couple of days around here

The last two days, 24 hours really, have been really weird for our law enforcement community.

Yesterday in Federal Court in Fargo a man, Jeffrey Ferris, was found guilty and he then killed himself. I heard it was by cutting his own throat. I’m not sure what he used, the news report just says “easily concealable instrument” which is pretty vague. I can’t imagine he’d be able to get a metal knife through, but they do make ceramic ones which might get by a metal detector. He could have also used an improvised implement, like a sharpened piece of plastic (think tooth brush) as well.

Today one of the officers at my old department passed away while on duty. He started just after I left. It doesn’t appear to be anything traumatic, just an unexpected medical complication of some sort. Still, it’s surprising and hits hard. He was younger than I am.

They say these things come in threes. I wonder what the next will be?

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