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The One Year Anniversary of Utter FAilure — Monster Hunter Nation

Joe Biden has been president for a year, and he has sucked beyond all comprehension. He is quite possibly the worst president ever. Is this going to be a biased, partisan post? Why yes. Because the democrats elected a corrupt dipshit, who has just gotten more pathetic with age. Biden sucks so bad that he…

The One Year Anniversary of Utter FAilure — Monster Hunter Nation

Disgraceful Behavior By a Judge

The headline of this article is consistent with the body of text. Judge blasts 72-year-old cancer patient for overgrown lawn. Now, I have a few opinions on both sides as a cancer patient myself, and having witnessed some very questionable actions by judges in the past.

First the judge: Never should a judge display such contempt for a citizen going through such a difficult medical disposition. A little empathy for an elderly man with a severe medical issue over a non-criminal offense would seem to be in order. I’m younger and likely in better shape than Mr. Chowdhury, and I’m still dealing with fatigue on a daily basis along with some breakthrough pain. Maybe the judge was having a bad day and going through her own difficulties, but such harsh words are really unconscionable from a public figure serving the public.

Secondly the neighbors: In a decent society the neighbors would step up and help out with the yard work if they know of Mr. Chowdhury’s situation. Mine did. And I don’t mean just paying lip service in offering to help. My neighbor to the west of me mowed my lawn all summer with his riding lawnmower and has been blowing snow out of my driveway this winter. His neighbors should pitch in to help an old man out.

And lastly Mr. Chowdhury and his family: If he or his family can’t do it themselves, and the neighbors aren’t willing to either, having someone come in and mow it for him should have taken place. Even if there isn’t a local teen looking to make a few bucks available, there are plenty of professional lawn care services available in pretty much every community.

There’s plenty of fault to go around to everyone. But the judge’s comments were totally inappropriate.

The original Wapo article can be viewed here.

Mysterious Vanishing of Chinese Civilization 4,000 Years Ago Solved? — Principia Scientific Intl.

About 5,300 years ago, an ancient civilization emerged in the east of China, building a brilliant city the likes of which had perhaps never been seen before in all of Asia

Mysterious Vanishing of Chinese Civilization 4,000 Years Ago Solved? — Principia Scientific Intl.

Unpossible! There were no SUVs back then. There were no coal fire power plants or oil refineries. Unpossible!

(that’s sarcasm by the way)

Amazon Customer Dis-service

So, we had an issue with one of our credit cards the other day. When I went through our statement there were two large charges that we didn’t make. One was for an iPad that was picked up in Cape Girardeau by a Lakita Shanay. There’s no Cape Girardeau in ND, and we haven’t been outside North Dakota since we went to Duluth, MN, back in March. Another was for a Dell laptop sent to an address that wasn’t ours. Both orders were placed in early November. Between the two there was over $2,000 worth of charges that we disputed with our credit card company.

Fast forward to today where I saw an email from Amazon about one of the charges and that they were suspending our account. It requires an email response, so I sent one explaining what had happened. But in the meantime we’re locked out of our Amazon account. That wouldn’t be so bad, but this evening when the family tried getting on the FireStick to watch some TV, we were locked out of that as well. When I checked my daughter’s Kindle Fire, it’s been de-registered.

Trying to contact someone at Amazon is, to put it mildly, a pain in the ass. Every attempt to contact someone off the website leads to an infinite circle of you can’t get there from here. You see, in order to contact someone from the website, you have log into your Amazon account. But you can’t log into your Amazon account when it’s locked.

Fortunately searching the internet did provide a useful contact number. This page at Business Insider was truly helpful, offering up the number 888-280-4331.

Unfortunately, Customer Service wasn’t very service friendly. All they could do was tell us that an account specialist would be emailing us within 24 hours about the account. Escalating our concerns didn’t do anything, as we were told the exact same thing. Apparently, the account specialists are there 24/7, but there’s no way to reach them other than through email. In the meantime, we can’t get into our Amazon account, though they still delivered stuff today. We can’t get into our Kindle. And we can’t get onto our FireStick to watch TV.

In short, Amazon Customer Service suck donkey schlong, throating the whole thing and sucking in the balls, too.


In the link to the following post there is a quote from Rukmani Bhatia.

Today, alongside this rights-based narrative, a parallel narrative exists that is perpetuated by the U.S. gun industry as part of a multifaceted effort to increase gun sales. This so-called gun-rights narrative manipulates the ideals of human rights to establish not only an inalienable right to life but also an unfettered right to armed self-defense to protect oneself from any perceived threat of harm. This narrative hinges on fear and the need to defend oneself and loved ones from unknown but ever-present threats through whatever means necessary and without regard to the rights of others. It is grounded by the false claim that the most effective means of self-preservation involves using a firearm.

I highlighted what I consider the most egregious of lies in that quote. You aren’t allowed to use a firearm to defend yourself from any perceived threat. Someone ranting at you from across the street that they’re “gonna get you” doesn’t allow you to pull out your firearms and start shooting up the neighborhood. Threats need to be credible and imminent for you to claim self defense. I spoke about that a few years ago in the post “I’m out“. Also in that post I indicated my hesitancy at allowing the government to have my best interests at heart. Given what we’ve seen around the world, including arguably the Free Western World, I have even less trust in government than I did a few years ago. Examples include the round up and internment of people in Australia for merely being exposed to someone with Covid, and the lockdown of people in Austria. This really doesn’t bode well the future of a free republic.



I’m home and recovering (AKA: I no longer have one!)

An update to my cancer fight.

I had surgery on November 9th, 2021, to remove the cancer from my rectum. The surgeon, Dr. Leonard Armstrong, with Sanford Hospital’s Roger Maris Cancer Center, was initially optimistic that he wouldn’t have to give me a permanent colostomy based off the latest scans taken. Unfortunately once he got in there and started removing tissue it seemed suspicious to him, and to the two other doctors he had examine the tissue. In the end he ended up removing all of my rectum and giving me a permanent colostomy bag.  He ended up having to flip me onto my stomach to get down far enough to remove everything. The incision on my backside is still painful.

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Cactus’ are getting smaller

I started my radiation treatments on my lungs today. The process itself is very simple, I just lay there for an hour while the machine rotates around me. The nice thing about this treatment though is that the side effects should be much milder.

Bowel movements are still painful, but not nearly as bad as the past few weeks. The cactus coming out seems smaller, and the pain goes away much faster. The fatigue is still a major factor though. I’m sleeping most of the day and not getting anything done around the house really. I haven’t been to work in over a month now, and probably won’t be back for another couple of weeks.

The scans have been scheduled for next month, and so have the appointments with my oncologists to go over them. The last doctor we see will be the surgeon, so will hopefully have an idea when surgery will take place by the end of next month.

The closer I get to surgery, the more apprehensive I get about it. Having a permanent colostomy bag will be a big lifestyle change. And other than the surgery I had to put my chemo port in, and the colonoscopy right before, I’ve never really had any surgeries.

But, new days are ahead. God has put me on this path for a reason, I’m trusting he will show me one day. It’s been quite rough on the family though. Not only am I stressed, but so is my wife and daughter. My wife especially is feeling overwhelmed. She has to go to work still along with taking care of me. She’s run down, overworked, and stressed out beyond belief. Please pray for her.

Birthing a Cactus

Today was my last day of radiation directed at my groin and the tumor that has been growing there. YAY!

Unfortunately they tell me the next two weeks will be the worst in terms of pain. Ugh!

For the last week and a half every bowel movement feels like a cactus coming out. And since I don’t feel like I have the sphincter control I once did, every urination has me sitting down to defecate as well. Birthing a cactus ten to twelve times a day really sucks.

But, one more part of this horrible journey is done. Next is radiation to my lungs. Mapping is Thursday, but I don’t know exactly when the treatments will start exactly.

One step at a time. It’s the only way to complete this journey. Oh, and cancer sucks donkey schlong!

*yawn* Another day, another idiot

Or rather, several idiots.

According to this article there are a bunch of words that non-black people shouldn’t be using because…

…wait for it…

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