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2018 Dance Recital

My daughter, Little Britches, has been in dance for a few years now with Dance Studio Elite. At the beginning of June, just after school let out. she had her end of year show where the entire troupe dances. This year everyone danced both nights, with just the soloists, duos and trios dancing one night or the other.

The Hip-Hop Competition Team started everything off with a bang. Lots of energy and good choreography made it quite enjoyable to watch. Miss J, best dancer in the company, absolutely killed every dance she was in. Continue reading “2018 Dance Recital”


TDS…It Lives!

Trump Derangement Syndrome not only lives, it’s unstoppable. It’s the Posleen of current politics. My friends on the left, you are simply looking for validation of your fears. You’ve let Trump live rent free in your heads so long, you seem certain that everything bad in the world is because of him, regardless of facts or reality. You don’t want a discussion of what is going on, nor the ways in which it might be changed (legally). You want someone who doesn’t agree with your politics to follow your preferred solutions, even if they aren’t legal. You want everyone to praise your noble thoughts, no dissent allowed.

Case 1:

Angie blurred part 1

I’m actually not aware of any ways that Trump is like Hitler on a real and rational level, but I tried my best to point out things that I think Trump has done well. I didn’t vote for the man in ’16, but his policies are turning me into a fan and I’ll probably vote for him in ’20 if he keeps this up. Continue reading “TDS…It Lives!”

It’s been awhile

I haven’t been active blogging for awhile, so I though I might catch up.


Baywatch – I found this show pretty entertaining. It poked a lot of fun at itself and was quite funny. Plus, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach made for some nice eye candy running around in their swim suits. The plot was kinda meh, but the action was good and it was paced well.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – was soooo bad I couldn’t even finish the first half hour even with Cara Delevingne half nude. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie with a plot so unformed. Hell, I’ve seen pornos with a better plot.

Courageous – Was a wonderful film about faith and honor. It was also really funny. The scene where Adam is interrogating Javier about why he is there is gold.



For Steam and Country – was a cute little steam punk aimed at a juvenile audience. It flowed well, but could have used a little more back story woven into it. Not sure if it was set on Earth or some other planet.

Darkship Renegades – was one of the better stories I’ve read lately. The second in the series it wasn’t quite as hard hitting as Darkship Thieves, but still quite engrossing. Continue reading “It’s been awhile”

It is time to fight back

Fuck Origins Game Fair. Fuck ConCarolinas. Fuck John Ward. Fuck Whitney (the strix) Beltran. May they all rot in a festering pool of maggots. They should all be sodomized with a ricin coated cactus.

Mad Genius Club

Almost a month to the day when it was announced John Ringo would NOT be a Guest of Honor at ConCarolinas, Origins Gaming Fair decided it wanted to play too. First it announced Larry Correia would be its literary guest of honor. Then, very shortly after that, the invitation was revoked. All signs indicate the decision was made by one man, John Ward. It didn’t take long for the tidal wave of reaction to set in and, since then, Origins has done everything wrong in how it has handled the situation.

In fact, we very well may be watching the slow suicide of a con that decided to follow the saying, “Get woke, go broke.”

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Scott Pruitt’s Effort To Expose ‘Secret Science’ Has Environmentalists Scared Stiff

The only things in the government that should be secret are A) National Security Operations B) Ongoing Criminal Investigations – and those should be public as soon as the trial is complete or investigation is complete if no trial.

All research and rule making should be open and transparent to the public at all times.

PA Pundits - International

By Diane Katz ~

A proposed rule announced Tuesday by Scott Pruitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, is intended to bring much-needed transparency to agency rule-making.

The environmental lobby is positively apoplectic about the proposal (naturally), even though it aligns perfectly with its long-held commitment to the public’s “right to know” principle.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifies before a House appropriations subcommittee on April 26, 2018. (Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters/Newscom)

The proposed regulation would require the EPA to ensure that the scientific data and research models “pivotal” to significant regulation are “publicly available in a manner sufficient for validation and analysis.”

Despite existing rules on government use of scientific research, federal agencies routinely mask politically driven regulations as scientifically-based imperatives. The supposed science underlying these rules is often hidden from the general public and unavailable for vetting by experts. But credible science and transparency are necessary elements of sound…

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The Convivial Codfish

My review of The Convivial Codfish by Charlotte MacLeod


convivial codfish


At Christmastime in Boston, a thief targets the local scrooge.

The angry old men of the Comrades of the Convivial Codfish club celebrate yuletide doing what they do best: eating, drinking, and greeting the season of giving with a spirited ‘bah, humbug!’ Though well past sixty, Jem Kelling is a relative infant compared to some of the club’s elder statesmen, and he has waited decades to host their annual Christmas scowl. And during his first evening as Exalted Chowderhead, he is thrilled to find the wine abundant, the chowder superb, and the humbugs as lusty as ever. But as the night winds down, Jem is horrified to find that the ceremonial Codfish necklace has vanished — right off of his neck!

His nephew-in-law, art investigator Max Bittersohn, is convinced his new uncle was the victim of a practical joke. But when the old man takes a hip-snapping tumble, Max is forced to conclude that one of the scrooges is trying to perpetrate a deadly Christmas jeer.

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Black Beauty

My review of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell




Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse tells the life of a horse from being a young colt running carefree through the fields through his working days pulling a cab. Along the way he talks about his various masters and companion horses at each stop of his life. This edition contains a color watercolor print at the beginning and black and white sketches by Wesley Dennis at each chapter head.

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The Bilbao Looking Glass

My review of Charlotte MacLeod’s The Bilbao Looking Glass


bilbao looking glass


Sarah finds a strange mirror that, though unbroken, proves to be very bad luck

According to Max Bittersohn, he and Sarah Kelling have witnessed enough murder and unhappiness, so it’s high time they got married. And though Sarah hasn’t yet agreed to such drastic measures, she invites Max to summer with her at Ireson’s Landing. But they haven’t been in the house ten minutes when they stumble upon summer’s first mystery—a mint-condition, antique Spanish mirror that is tremendously rare and valuable. Sarah has never seen it before and she doesn’t know how it ended up in the summerhouse, but the sleuthing couple will soon find this looking glass to be more troublesome than anything Lewis Carroll ever invented. As the zany Kelling clan descends on Ireson’s Landing, Sarah and her beau try to uncover the mystery of the Bilbao looking glass—a quest that is disrupted when a vicious next-door neighbor is found hacked to death with a woodshed ax. By summer’s end, Sarah and Max will learn that some murders can be solved simply by looking in the mirror.

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Descendants 2

This is my review of Descendants 2 the Junior Novel



Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay may be the children of terrible villains, but they’re fitting in amazingly well on Auradon.
Well, at least most of them are.

For Mal, the pressure to be royally perfect is too intense, so she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost. But Mal soon finds that her archenemy, Uma, the daughter of Ursula, has taken her spot as self-proclaimed Princess of Evil. Even worse, Uma has a plan to destroy Auradon-and a gnarly gang of pirates to back her up!

It’s a classic battle between wicked and evil . . . and these kids are made for trouble.

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