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Maybe Not the Mic Drop Moment He Thought It Was

I saw an article that Yahoo!News was promoting from the HuffPost. It linked to this tweet about Rep. Ted Lieu (D-HI) and his speech regarding what Jesus had to say about homosexuality. To spare you the lost minute of your time, Jesus didn’t mention homosexuality in any of the gospels. It’s possible that he might have addressed it, but it wasn’t written down. Who knows? But Lieu’s Mic Drop moment doesn’t quite sit with me the way a bunch of LGBTALPHABETSOUP enablers does.

Given the context of Christ’s other preaching, I’m thinking he wouldn’t actually approve of homosexuality. There were a lot of things he changed, but it wasn’t so we could go about committing any offense we wished to. Continue reading “Maybe Not the Mic Drop Moment He Thought It Was”

Making Political Hay While the Blood Is Flowing

Never let a crisis go to waste is a popular sentiment for most politicians. This seems to be getting a little ridiculous though. Occasional Cortex bleated about laws that let people get murdered. And Candace Owens had a good take down for her.

This is right up there with DiFi saying “…it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.” No it’s not.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2022

This weekend isn’t just about barbeque cookouts, camping, racing, or a day off from work. It’s supposed to primarily about remembering (hence “memorial”) those who died and can’t be here anymore.

While I’ve been lucky in that my relatives that have served over the years have been pretty much unscathed. My thanks to all who served. But I’m especially grateful for those that gave the ultimate price in service of country.

My grandfather served in the 460th Artillery Battalion (part of the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team) during WWII. A list of those who were unable to come back can be found here. I inherited my grandfather’s photos, and will one day put those up once I get them all scanned and sorted out.


My father served in VA-45 aboard the USS Intrepid shortly after I was born. He worked on the A-4E airframe. He once told me that they only lost one man on the single cruise he was on. Apparently the guy was washed overboard during a storm in the North Atlantic. He had lots of stories about that cruise and the incidents that the pilots got into.

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Hmmm? Tinnitus affects sleep

This article regarding tinnitus piqued my curiosity. When I was a kid I could sleep through anything. Tornado signs down the block (I slept with my window open because all we had for AC, when we finally got it, was a window unit out in the living room) wouldn’t wake me up. Even up through college I was a heavy sleeper. Once my daughter was born I became a light sleeper, trying to give my wife a chance to get a good night’s sleep. But in the last few years I’ve had difficulty sleeping. I assumed it was due to the issues I was having with my back, which were actually due to my having cancer. I’m cancer free now (6 months! Yahoo!) but still having sleep issues. I started taking diphenhydramine about 15 years ago, and melatonin about 12 years ago, with increasing amounts over time. I even tried doing a shot of tequila or other alcohol just before bed, which helped for awhile. Since my cancer diagnosis I’ve been taking trazadone several nights a week and that usually helps.


I’ve suffered from a low grade tinnitus since around college. I’m not exactly sure of the timeframe, as it’s a very low grade sound in the background, that I mostly notice when it stops. Which it does stop occasionally for a few minutes. When it does it jars me out of whatever I’m doing because suddenly everything is quiet and any sounds are crystal clear. Unfortunately that state only lasts for a couple of minutes at most before the ringing comes back again.


I wonder if this could also be a contributor to my sleep issues.



Mercy Me concert

Santa had brought us Mercy Me tickets at Christmas and last night was the concert. It was my daughter’s very first concert. What a tremendous experience for a complete newbie.

It opened with Andrew Ripp, singer of Jericho Walls
. I didn’t recognize any of his other songs.

Next up we’re Rend Collective. First off, I didn’t realize they were from Ireland. Secondly, they were extremely funny (send them some Lucky Charms). They were a riot. I’ve heard many of their songs on the radio over the years, and I think they’ve played Fargo before at different venues. I definitely want to see them again sometime.

This was the first concert I have ever been to, outside of a festival setting, to have an MC. Mark Stuart, former lead singer of Audioadrenaline, came out on stage between the various acts and spoke while the stage was rearranged. He spoke a little bit about his life’s challenges and the missionary work he does, and also introduced his daughter while doing a fundraiser for children.

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Happy Murder Your Ex And Stuff The Body In A Box In Your Closet Day

Aprill 22, 2022 is “Earth Day”. Though every day should be Earth Day. Don’t pollute, pick up after yourself, leave the place in a better condition than you found it. That’s all that’s really needed for good things to happen. Any crap you hear about how we only have “X” number of years to “save” the planet, or that you need to cut back on your energy use because fossil fuels are somehow bad is just marxist BS meant to keep you living as a serf to those who see themselves as your betters (wannabe rulers).

Numerous predictions about the demise of the earth have fallen by the wayside. Unfulfilled prophecy seems to be the Lefty trade mark. When I was a kid it was Global Cooling/Ice Age that was gonna kill us. President Carter said we’d be out of oil by 2010. I gotta say, five year old me was kinda spooked by that when we were motoring around the lake in our little boat. Then it was Acid Rain and now Sea Level Rise. Or maybe it’s Global Warming Climate Change that’s gonna do it? The problems that immediately come to mind with all these predictions are 1) humans aren’t static creatures. We innovate and learn new techniques to reach the resources we’re looking for. 2) most of the Chicken Little’s are basing their predictions on badly developed models using faulty assumptions.

Ira Einhorn, the host and supposed mastermind of Earth Day, murdered his ex-girlfriend and then stuffed her body in a box in his apartment closet in Philadelphia. Don’t believe me? Check out what NBC has to say about it, not exactly a right wing site that.

I’ve survived something like eleventy mcbillion apocalypses now. I think I deserve that free set of steak knives.


This article has the principal who decided to remove honors courses from the school giving some rather odd reasoning.

Eliminate the stigma of non-weighted courses

I didn’t realize being normal carried a stigma with it. Of course, she also claims, “There is very little difference in the curriculum between Honors/Regular…” which makes me question what the honors course is actually teaching. Shouldn’t it be a deeper dive into the curriculum, with more rigorous work expected from the students? But that’s just me.

It’s been over three decades since I was in high school. And I wasn’t offered anything called “honors” or “advanced placement” courses, even though we were the largest high school in the state at that time. There were some “advanced” classes that were open to anyone who’d passed the regular classes. Things like “advanced chemistry” and “advanced physics” were offered, which was just an extension of the basic chemistry and physics classes in previous years. The only course that I had to get approval for was a “social studies” class that delved deeper into government, which I presume was more akin to what my Dad took years before as “civics”.

It’s sad how dumbed down American education has become over the years. My daughter is in 5th grade this year, and they are just now learning the standard algorithm for multiplication. The “whole word” nonsense with reading is just loony. “Make a guess at the word and see if it makes sense in the sentence” is so idiotic. There are usually multiple words that could fit the sentence, and they don’t all have the same meaning. That sounds like a really good way to get people hurt later in life if they don’t have a large vocabulary. But hey, personal safety isn’t really a thing anymore. We’re just all supposed to let .gov look out for us and hope whomever knows what he’s doing.

In other words, Gang Fight

If you’ve seen the news the last few days you’ve likely seen politicians and talking heads asking for more gun control laws. So that mass casualty event in Sacremento the other day wasn’t just some rando blasting away at random people on the street. It was a gang fight. 

The mass killing that left six people dead and 12 wounded outside bars just a block from California’s Capitol last weekend was a gunfight involving at least five shooters from rival gangs, Sacramento police said Wednesday.

I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

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This article causes me all sorts of pain. 


Let’s start with the obvious error from a company that is supposedly in the business of using words to convey a message.

Many diabetics and their families have to decide whether they can afford a vile of insulin or not, but recent legislation in Washington could ease this problem
“Vile means repulsive, gross, despicable. “Vial” is a small bottle of a substance.

Now on to other issues. The Affordable Insulin Now Act was introduced by a Democrat, to fix a problem created by his Democrat colleague in the White House. Biden suspended Trump’s rule on making insulin affordable. Did I have issues with the Trump rule? Yup. I think legislation would work better than an Executive Order. But I think an even better idea would be to let a truly free marketplace work it out. From this article last year, Walmart already sold a vial of insulin for about $25, and was going to start selling a different version for about $73. The patents for most of the insulins out there have expired, but the biggest issue in getting generic forms on the market is the production process. 


It seems I used to end up in a FascistBook argument nearly every year about why insulin isn’t free. Usually it’s along the lines of, “If Narcan is free, why isn’t insulin?” Which usually ends up with me explaining that Narcan is free because someone raised money or wrote a grant so that whichever department is providing it for free can do so. As the saying goes, “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” Someone, somewhere, has to pay, and sometimes that is the taxpayers of a particular area. If you can raise the money from private donations, or convince your local government to pay for it, good on you. 


While being a diabetic sucks donkey balls, I am one after all, it is a treatable condition. And just because someone comes out with a newer version of something that works better doesn’t mean you get to have it for free because you “need” it. Just because I need to get to work doesn’t mean I deserve a free new Bentley. Heck, I don’t even deserve a free used Pinto. Just because I need food doesn’t mean I expect to be supplied with free ribeye and lobster tail. I’m in charge of my life, and I’m the one who needs to make the decisions on what my highest priorities are and how to fund them. I certainly don’t want anyone from the government telling me what my priorities should be. My grandfather spent a couple of decades on injectable insulin. It maybe didn’t work as well as Humalog, or was as easy to use as one of the new injectable pens, but it did work then. And it still works today. 


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