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Here’s Something I Never Thought I’d Have To Worry About

When you’re young you tend to never worry about the future too much. Retirement planning seems to be the one that most often comes up. I will say that planning for my retirement actually is something I started early.

As I kid I can’t tell you the number of times that I saw on the news that the politicians were changing how Social Security was going to work because it wasn’t generating enough money to stay solvent by the 21st century. I kind of took that to heart, and along with the lack of life insurance my grandfather left my grandmother when he passed away, and started putting money aside as soon as I started working after college (well, technically I was still in college but only had another couple of months). Anyway, I made it a priority to fund my retirement, though not always to my full satisfaction, at every employer I’ve had. I’ve been lucky that I’ve never been involuntarily out of work, and every employer has had a funded retirement plan plus I’ve invested in supplementary retirement plans. If SS is still around when I retire that’ll just be a bonus.

No, the thing that caught my eye today was an article on traveling with ostomy supplies.

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Thrown out of a story

I’ve been listening to The Ironclad Covenant in the car lately. It’s not a bad story, it’s kept me interested and it’s paced well. I don’t particularly like the narrator, though that’s a personal thing about his cadence and the accents he sometimes uses. No, it’s the geography. It’s just a fiction story, I know. It just bugs me and it makes me scratch my head.


You see, I’m somewhat familiar with the geography involved in the story. I grew up in Minot, ND. I went camping and fishing with my family as a kid all over western North Dakota in the Missouri River watershed, and on Lake Sakakawea itself since my grandparents lived in Beulah.

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so weird

The one hospital in town doesn’t require masks except in certain situations (such as the cancer unit, or if you are actually sick) while the other one requires masks just for walking in. The receptionist just asked me to turn mine around because the dark blue goes on the outside apparently. I was highly tempted to ask which airborne bacterial infection they are trying to fight, but it was hard enough just getting my wife to come in that making a stink about the kabuki theater didn’t seem worth it.

It’s been nearly three years since all of this covid nonsense began. I was willing to give some grace early on, but now we know how it spreads, what the consequences are, and what works and doesn’t work in limiting its spread. The masks never made sense for a virus, yet here we are.

The Fight, Rnd 2

I saw my oncologist yesterday and his news wasn’t particularly stellar. My cancer is back. It’s like The Terminator.

“It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.“

On the up side, it was caught early and isn’t a new spot, but rather on that had shrunk down so small from chemo that they thought was just scar tissue left, so the didn’t irradiate it. Not absolutely sure yet, but looks like the plan will just be radiation this time around.

I am in good spirits and think this will go well. I could always use more prayers though.

Nuke it from orbit

I’ve written before about not trusting the government. I say this not only as a current and former employee of various levels of government, but also from having family members working for various levels of government. While I definitely think that the ideals of the American Experiment are worth striving for, much like the ideals of Christianity, the execution by people is often flawed. Unfortunately, sometimes the “flaws” are intentional.

Yesterday’s post was regarding the intentional misleading claims by the pharmaceutical companies and the government, promoted heavily by the legacy media. Today I am linking to an article in the Epoch Times about the intentional misleading of the public by our supposed National Security apparatus.

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In a Just World…

There would be no immunity when fraud is committed. But I have little faith in any of our governmental institutions anymore. Fraud has been too pervasive and been left unchecked for too long for me to believe that any accountability will be held for those responsible.

We were lied to about what the mRNA shots did. And the US government doesn’t seem to be able to stop lying about them even when the companies eventually do state that what was pushed at the beginning was not what the jabs actually did.

Must Be Over the Target

Florida governor Ron De Santis and Texas governor Greg Abbot have been paying for the transport of illegal aliens to self declared sanctuary cities for awhile now. This appears to be effectively exposing these cities hypocrisy towards the problem, since not only are they taking flak from the various political “leaders” of these areas, but also the mainstream media and big tech corporations that provide cover for them. Case in point is provided here (sorry for the poor quality screen shot):


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Four years on, and he’s still right

Razorfist hosts one of my favorite youtube channels, just after The History Guy. Four years ago he was ranting against the FBI, probably before that as well since he’s been around awhile now. And today, everything he said then is still true. The one part that the FBI isn’t doubled up on, the NCIC network, could easily be handed over to another department. The Secret Service, or even just the main DOJ would seem good fits. In my opinion, the DEA, ATF, and pretty much every other alphabet agency should be tossed by the wayside as well.

Maybe with the obvious political BS that the department has pulled with Mar-A-Lago people will finally wake up. I rather doubt it though. There are just too many people who are indifferent to what’s going on so long as it doesn’t directly involve them.

Get ready for knife bans

It appears a couple of people in Saskatchewan ran around stabbing people, killing at least 10, according to this article. I guess we should get ready for Canadian knife bans real soon now.

My heart goes out to the people in these communities. Hopefully they’ll be caught soon.

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