Our President, along with all the other window lickers, are pushing us to ruin. Why? you might ask. Most likely because there is monetary gain to be had by them and those that support them. Unfortunately a large part of the population has bought into the bullshit they are shoveling at us. Of course, it could just be malice that’s driving them. Many of them want to reduce the population, and starving/freezing everyone is a good way to do it (see what the Soviet Union did in Ukraine in 1932-33). Of course, when populations get pushed too far they have this nasty tendency to take up arms and start killing their neighbors, which will just reduce the population even more.

The Silicon Graybeard goes over why the latest climate proposal is such a steaming pile of dung. According to his calculations, going off the numbers that the climate idiots push forward, literally NOTHING we do in the Western World will be recognized from the background noise. Whatever these climate initiatives come up with, you can rest assured it’s nothing but a trap.