Laura and Remington face a ten million dollar lawsuit when the high-tech alarm system they install in a millionaire’s home fails to prevent a robbery. – from the DVD case


I love the way this episode opens. Steele is on a “date” keeping a young lady busy and away from any action while Laura and Murphy do the real work. Only, they finished and he kept living the high life, racking up charges. So they cut off his credit line, forcing his date to pay for everything. But everyone still thanks Steele, rather than the person who’s actually paying. It’s a sign of the times that today’s climate it would be denounced as being incredibly sexist. It was mildly sexist at the time, but was played for laughs so got a pass.

The following scene has Steele bursting in on Laura in a motel room as she’s trying to get the goods on someone. He classically fouls things up, giving a scene where the suspect recognizes him and runs out the door. Laura gives chase in a button down shirt and panties. I can only imagine this was pushing the envelope of decency on prime time TV in 1982. It was titillating to 10 year old me.

RS 1_2a

We see a glimpse of Steele’s criminal background as he hires one of his reformed former colleague’s. Later in the episode we get another glimpse into his sophisticated background as he makes reference to playing polo with Prince Charles.

Steele, of course, makes a mess of things at a dinner party with all the suspects there, leaving Laura to save the day. But, once again, Steele gets all the credit while the real heroes get no acknowledgement at all.


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Everyone always looks so dang good in these episodes. The actors are gorgeous and the clothes are very stylish.