A CIA agent on the run from his own agency claims that he has been targeted for murder on the eve of his wedding. – from the DVD case.


One of my favorite, and also one of the episodes I remember most. It opens with Thom Bray (before his iconic role as Boz in the TV series Riptide) covered in a red liquid fleeing a hotel room. It turns out the red liquid isn’t blood, but rather hair dye so he can change his appearance. He takes off in an old red Camaro convertible down a winding mountain road, only to be stopped by some construction/utility work. Behind him appears a blonde woman (Marta Kristen, Judy of Lost In Space fame) in another convertible, who pulls out a gun and tries to kill him.

Bray’s character, Sheldon – and why does that name seem to always be associated with geeks/nerds? – seeks out Steele, who ends up taking him to Laura’s house. And for the first time we get a look into Laura’s house, and we also get a chance to see her being somewhat vain as she quickly stages her residence to give Steele an impression she has other prospects.

RS 1_4d

That red thermos on the counter is just like the one my dad used to take to work everyday when I was a kid. And one of my grandparents had that same clock up on the wall of their kitchen.

Laura thinks someone is following her later in the episode and ducks into a local grocery store for a bit. Seeing all the old style labels was kinda amusing. I used to drink A LOT of Shasta when we were out camping. Cream Soda was my favorite. I never see it in the stores anymore (though I heard you can find it at one of the dollar store chains).

RS 1_4e

Twice in this episode characters make reference to Steele’s missing past being indicative of having been an agent for the CIA. Sheldon says to Laura and Steele, “So don’t try and tell me things are not as I already know them to be. I ran a thorough check on you. And you have no birth certificate, no fingerprints, no records of any kind. And you want me to believe he wasn’t with the company?” Later, when speaking to a CIA agent in his office the agent asks who Steele really is, after having previously said they met in Da Nang, Vietnam, during the rainy season. Steele replies, “Da Nang. The rainy season.” and leaves it at that.

This episode also has one of the scenes that appears in the title sequence clips. It’s where Sheldon’s car blows up in the parking garage at the building the CIA office is located in, with Steele rising up in his tan coat through the smoke afterwards.

RS 1_4f

By the end of the episode we get to see a girl fight between Holt and Marta Kristen’s characters, and Sheldon married off to the love of his life.