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This Shit Needs To Stop

I’m getting quite tired of the #NoDAPL protestors coming to this state and causing trouble. If this administration wasn’t headed by such a limp dicked piece of shit it wouldn’t have gotten this far out of control. Many of the protestors would be awaiting trial in Federal Court and likely a lengthy stay courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Destroying property, polluting the environment, starting fires, blocking railroad tracks and highways, throwing rocks, burning logs and molotov cocktails, and shooting at officers is in no way ‘peaceful’. Most of those arrested have been out-of-state agitators. They have been egged on by the liberal activists Mark Ruffalo, Shailene Woodley, Susan Sarandon, Kristen Wiig and Jesse Jackson, as well as former Presidential Candidate Jill Stein. It has dragged on far too long because of the direct actions of President Obama. This is unacceptable interference.

Interference with commerce by threats or violence – 18 USC 1951

  • Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

Definitions of terrorism – 18 USC 2331

  • (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
    (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

    (B) appear to be intended—

    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
    (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
    (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

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This is why liberals can’t have nice things

Post election meltdown by liberals is quite frankly rather funny, but also a little terrifying. When offered a solution to their problems, they immediately show their complete lack of discipline. This is why modern liberals can’t have nice things or be trusted to uphold rights.


Victim or Attention Whore?

I saw this article at the top of my Yahoo! Newsfeed. And since it involves my home state I thought I would check it out. I fully expected an uninformed hit piece with a very liberal slant. Lo and behold, they actually put the information needed into the article.

Those with no driver’s license, can get a non-driver state ID allowed at the polls from the motor vehicle department for free.

And this isn’t something you can only get a few days of the year either. Any day that the office is open, you can pick one up. And they are good for years, just like your Drivers License. At some point before the election I would think you might be coming into town. If not, you’re probably not coming in to vote either. If you can’t get a ride from a neighbor or family member who drives, they do have a bus on the rez as well. There’s an office in Rolla, there’s another in Rugby, and another in Minot. It’s actually more inconvenient for the people living in Bottineau than the people living on the rez.

If the free ID card is too expensive to invest in, you’re simply looking for attention rather than solutions. We’re not talking onerous rules and regulations here. We don’t even have voter registration. Quit playing the victim card. Quit being an attention whore. Get off your ass and go get your free ID.

EDIT: Oh dear lord, someone in the comments of the article pointed out that Norquay has a pack of cigarettes sitting on the table next to him. Perhaps prioritizing isn’t a strong suit in his life. Because if he has money to spend on something like cigarettes, he really shouldn’t be complaining about how he can’t afford to get the six miles (yes, 6 whole miles) from Belcourt, in the middle of the Turtle Mountain Reservation to the DMV in Rolla, to pick up his free ID.

norqay cigarettes
Elvis Norquay, a member of the Chippewa Indian tribe, sits in his home on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota, U.S. May 11, 2016. (REUTERS/Mica Rosenberg)

Desperation in the state

At one time, not too long ago, North Dakota was pretty evenly split between Democrat and Republican office holders. Even during the times when Republicans controlled state offices our congressional delegation was exclusively Democrat for about two decades. However, times have certainly changed.

George Sinner was the last Democrat to serve as Governor. He left office in 1992.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s our Congressmen were Republican. But in 1980 Mark Andrews decided to run for the Senate seat that fellow Republican Milton Young had held since 1945. From that moment in the 1980 election until 2010 our Congressman was a Democrat. First Byron Dorgan and then Earl Pomeroy.

In 1986 Mark Andrews lost his re-election campaign to Kent Conrad for US Senate, thus making our congressional delegation completely Democrat as the other Senate seat was held by Quentin Burdick since 1960.

Burdick died in Office in 1992. His wife finished off his last remaining months in office until the fall election where the rest of his term would be decided. Kent Conrad, who had decided against running for re-election of his own Senate seat, won Burdick’s remaining term and served alongside Dorgan, who had run for Conrad’s seat. Pomeroy was successfully elected to Dorgan’s House seat.

In 2010 everything changed. Pomeroy lost his seat in the House of Representatives to Rick Berg. Governor John Hoeven decided to run for the Senate seat held by Dorgan and beat out Democratic challenger Tracy Potter, making him the first Republican Senator from ND since Mark Andrews. Continue reading “Desperation in the state”

Over inflated much?

So,  a certain author is having kittens over the fact her work ended up on the Sad Puppies IV list. How much of a delusional narcissist are you that you don’t want the wrong people liking what you’ve written? I mean really, if you don’t want people to recommend your writing I suppose they can take you up on that offer and review your work in the context that only the right people dare read it. God forbid it end up on a list that you think is a ‘slate’. For a writer, you don’t seem to know definitions very well. Here, let me help you out on that.


Well, lookee there. A ‘slate’ is “a list of candidates for nomination or election”. Damn woman, YOU ARE ON A FUCKING SLATE! Hell, you’re on multiple slates. A slate is just a damn list.

EDIT (3-21-16 1911 hrs): The Locus Awards is very much a ‘slate’ of the type she is fearful of. They even used to tout it. “The Locus Awards are presented to winners of Locus Magazine‘s annual readers’ poll, which was established in the early ’70s specifically to provide recommendations and suggestions to Hugo Awards voters.


Not having read the nominated work I popped over to Amazon to see what it’s like. One of the things that struck me was the suggested retail price of her novella. Both the hard cover and the eBook have the same recommended price.


$40? For a short, 144 page story? Not only no, but mother-fucking-hell-no! I would hesitate to purchase a leather bound copy of something that I actually like for that price. Your publisher is as delusional as you are if you think many people are going to pay full price for a short work like that.

Let’s break this down for easy comprehension. Miss Valente, you have an over inflated ego to think that you can control whether some people like your writing or not. And your publisher is apparently delusional if it thinks it will sell many copies of a novella at such an over inflated price. Get over yourselves before you both end up on the welfare line.

Pushing Us to Ruin


Our President, along with all the other window lickers, are pushing us to ruin. Why? you might ask. Most likely because there is monetary gain to be had by them and those that support them. Unfortunately a large part of the population has bought into the bullshit they are shoveling at us. Of course, it could just be malice that’s driving them. Many of them want to reduce the population, and starving/freezing everyone is a good way to do it (see what the Soviet Union did in Ukraine in 1932-33). Of course, when populations get pushed too far they have this nasty tendency to take up arms and start killing their neighbors, which will just reduce the population even more.

The Silicon Graybeard goes over why the latest climate proposal is such a steaming pile of dung. According to his calculations, going off the numbers that the climate idiots push forward, literally NOTHING we do in the Western World will be recognized from the background noise. Whatever these climate initiatives come up with, you can rest assured it’s nothing but a trap.

I’ve lost all respect for the media

The other day I saw an article headline about the ‘wage gap’ in the US, and it caught my eye. A new study was released by a place called Payscale, and Reuters coverage of it was this article headlined U.S. women paid less in all industries, every level: report, so I clicked on it and read it. It starts out looking pretty bleak and damning, until about 3/4 of the way down I see this,

“A big reason for the gender pay gap is that men and women tend to work in different jobs. Men dominate higher paying jobs, engineering, construction mining, and women dominate jobs like teaching and social work,” Bach explained.

Say What?!? So I decide to see what else there is to this Payscale report. A quick Google search turns up this article from that purports even more dire news The Gender Pay Gap Begins As Early As Age 5. Holy Fuck, Batman! My daughter is going to start earning less before she or any of her classmates are even able to hold a job! But wait a minute…in the very first paragraph we find

Today, the pay gap is smaller – 74 cents on the dollar, or 97 cents when we control for factors like occupation, experience, and skills, per PayScale’s report, Inside the Gender Pay Gap.

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Don’t Act Like A Douche

Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s moral. There is an easy way to keep from “completely destroying my life“, and it’s to behave in a manner that fits with the community. Sometimes the community expectations need to change (such as the civil rights movement), but sometimes it’s the individual responsible for the behavior that needs to change his ways. Kirk Ludwig falls into the latter category.

On July 13 Kirk Ludwig was sighted by a citizen taking photos at the pool downtown in Fargo. Now, this isn’t illegal, but it is suspicious when he’s trying to do it surreptitiously. A professional photographer would understand that acting suspiciously, especially around areas where kids are, is not something that you do if you want to keep shooting in the area. A true professional would gone to the park district offices and notified them of what he intended to do.

Ludwig 3 cropped

This isn’t the first time he’s been spotted doing something similar in the park. I’m not sure when this photo was originally taken or posted, it may be the post spoken about in this July 14 article. Continue reading “Don’t Act Like A Douche”

Tremble the Devil

My review of Tremble the Devil


For the first time, an entire book on the history, origins, and future of terrorism is available for free online in an easy-to-navigate format. Before buying the book you can read as much of it as you’d like online at:

Tremble the Devil was written by a Harvard-educated counterterrorism analyst, it’s an accessible, fast-paced distillation of everything you need to know about the world’s most dangerous phenomenon.

From the start terrorism has been framed as the work of the Devil himself, but this is a dangerous misconception: terrorism is nothing more than the continuation of ancient wars by modern means.

We see it everyday in the news: uncurling in the clouds above shattered Lebanese refugee camps, stretching out across deafened North African streets, and clawing hungrily at the social fabric of America. As our societies and the technologies they depend on have evolved, so too have the methods of the terrorist.

Understanding today’s terrorism requires three levels of comprehension: how the history and religion of the Middle East shaped and in many ways predicated the first modern acts of terrorism, the still-evolving relationship between terrorism and asymmetric warfare, and how globalization’s technological and cultural implications will determine the shape and character of the miasma of terror that now threatens to darken the face of the entire civilized world.

“Tremble the Devil” uses engaging allusions to everyone and everything from Jesus Christ to Beer Pong and from Malcolm X to Friday the Thirteenth, hooks taken from the words of artists ranging from the Rolling Stones and Jay-Z to William Blake and Tupac Shakur at the start of each chapter, and the social insights of “The Tipping Point” along with the compelling colloquial style of “Freakonomics.” All of this is woven together to form an intriguing and salient book that reads like a novel.

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