Laura and Remington clash when she wants to provide security for a multimillion-dollar painting and he wants to turn down the job because the painting is cursed. – from the DVD cover


Another great episode from season 1 that includes the scene from the title sequence of Laura and Remington zip-lining across the gallery floor. Perhaps my favorite thing about this episode is the interaction between Brosnan and his real-life wife, Cassandra Harris, who had appeared in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only the year before. When she sneaks into his apartment and comes out of the bedroom while Laura is there is a delightfully funny moment.

RS 1_5a

This episode also introduces us to a member of Laura’s family, her mother. I liked Abigail (played by Beverly Garland – before she played Dotty on Scarecrow & Mrs King) and wish she had appeared in more episodes. Alas, we only get this one and one other at the end of the season.

RS 1_5b

We get to see a bit of Laura’s house again, which is nice. I liked the house better than her later loft. It seemed cozier. And having memories of only living in houses, or visiting apartments, it seemed more relatable to childhood me. The wide open space with no walls to define the various living areas seemed very weird to me. Also, that huge sliding door was odd.

Seeing Laura and Remington in the black, burglary clothes was reminiscent of Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief.