The headline of this article is consistent with the body of text. Judge blasts 72-year-old cancer patient for overgrown lawn. Now, I have a few opinions on both sides as a cancer patient myself, and having witnessed some very questionable actions by judges in the past.

First the judge: Never should a judge display such contempt for a citizen going through such a difficult medical disposition. A little empathy for an elderly man with a severe medical issue over a non-criminal offense would seem to be in order. I’m younger and likely in better shape than Mr. Chowdhury, and I’m still dealing with fatigue on a daily basis along with some breakthrough pain. Maybe the judge was having a bad day and going through her own difficulties, but such harsh words are really unconscionable from a public figure serving the public.

Secondly the neighbors: In a decent society the neighbors would step up and help out with the yard work if they know of Mr. Chowdhury’s situation. Mine did. And I don’t mean just paying lip service in offering to help. My neighbor to the west of me mowed my lawn all summer with his riding lawnmower and has been blowing snow out of my driveway this winter. His neighbors should pitch in to help an old man out.

And lastly Mr. Chowdhury and his family: If he or his family can’t do it themselves, and the neighbors aren’t willing to either, having someone come in and mow it for him should have taken place. Even if there isn’t a local teen looking to make a few bucks available, there are plenty of professional lawn care services available in pretty much every community.

There’s plenty of fault to go around to everyone. But the judge’s comments were totally inappropriate.

The original Wapo article can be viewed here.