When a highly successful but not well liked private investigator throws a reunion party for all his former associates, he ends up with a broken neck. – from the DVD case.


This is the most memorable episode for me from my youth. It’s also got a scene from the title credits. But what made this one stand out for me so much as a kid, I think, is that Steele not only was able to fit in and fool the other detectives, but that Murphy emulated him by the end of the episode.

But it starts out with some horrid blue screen scene with Laura and Murphy in her car.

RS 1_9a

Even for the time that seemed a little cheesy. But it gets better from there. Steele wasn’t told he was invited, but unexpectedly shows up when he finds the invite. He shows up just in time for story time, where everyone is invited to tell about one of their most perplexing cases.

Later we get to see Murphy and Sandy, played by Carlene Watkins, have a nice reminiscence after she had a swim. It appears they rather liked each other.

RS 1_9b

Later that night Laura gets up from hearing a banging noise. It turns out it’s the elevator door hitting the arm of their dead host. This scene appears in the title sequence.

RS 1_9e

As the only one who didn’t know the victim, Steele is elected to lead the investigation before they call the police. With Laura’s help, Steele does quite well.

And by the end of the episode Murphy is trying to impress Bernice…with the same story Steele told at the party.