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It’s been awhile

I haven’t been active blogging for awhile, so I though I might catch up.


Baywatch – I found this show pretty entertaining. It poked a lot of fun at itself and was quite funny. Plus, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach made for some nice eye candy running around in their swim suits. The plot was kinda meh, but the action was good and it was paced well.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – was soooo bad I couldn’t even finish the first half hour even with Cara Delevingne half nude. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie with a plot so unformed. Hell, I’ve seen pornos with a better plot.

Courageous – Was a wonderful film about faith and honor. It was also really funny. The scene where Adam is interrogating Javier about why he is there is gold.



For Steam and Country – was a cute little steam punk aimed at a juvenile audience. It flowed well, but could have used a little more back story woven into it. Not sure if it was set on Earth or some other planet.

Darkship Renegades – was one of the better stories I’ve read lately. The second in the series it wasn’t quite as hard hitting as Darkship Thieves, but still quite engrossing. Continue reading “It’s been awhile”


Oh the joys of being clueless. Someone on FaceBook was lamenting the fact that the grocery stores weren’t open today and was wondering where they could get food for she and her offspring. My comment, while probably not as sensitive as it could have been, was that there were several convenience stores open and that they wouldn’t starve to death from the grocery stores being closed for a day, and that if she was looking for more than necessities she planned poorly. For that I was referred to as “Scrooge”. When I pointed out that Scrooge was the one that wanted everyone to be working as if Christmas were any other normal day of the year her retort was that she could call me other things worse than Scrooge.


Really? I’m so broken scared of what she might refer to me as! /sarc


I was referred to as extreme right wingNazi, misogynist, racist, sexist and fascist a couple of years ago simply because I thought entertainment should be…entertaining. I’m guessing this little one’s name calling wouldn’t get worse than that.


But seriously, how long have these people been living in North Dakota? We frequently get blizzards up here where nothing is open except emergency services and the workers trapped at the gas stations. And it’s not as if Christmas hasn’t been on the calendar for awhile now. Plus, we just had a major holiday last month where everything shut down. If you’re old enough to have a kid, you’re old enough to plan ahead. You’re not helpless.

In While Still Pristine

Our first snow accumulation of the year came overnight. It’s mostly melted now. But when the dog had to go out about 2 this morning I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of shots before there were a bunch of tracks to muddle the view.

A little grass for contrast
A little farther down the driveway, with the red brought out a bit
Zeus had to come see what’s going on

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Cahal Pech

The book I’m currently reading is dealing with Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. About 10 years ago I got to see some Mayan ruins when my wife and I took a cruise. One  of our ports was Belize City, Belize. Our excursion that day was to the other side of the country, to San Ignacio, Belize.

I honestly don’t remember most of the particulars our guide discussed there. I remember it means something like “Place of the ticks”, which sounds horrible but the day we were there it was quite nice if maybe a little warm. S5001303

We walked along a path from the parking lot and the first excavated area we came to was the ball court (C4 & C5) off Plaza C.


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I spent the last two and a half days in training. WooHoo! This department doesn’t have much of a training budget, at least not for us dispatchers. I came back to this department (originally worked here from January 1998 to May 2000) in January 2008. After training on departmental policy I had Active Shooter Response training in December 2008. That was the last training I had other than working the new video recorders and data logger.


Clarke and Tracie Paris spoke The Pain Behind the Badge, about suicide prevention and dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. Good stuff. Emotional stuff. I cried. They listed about 30 items that are indicators of Post Traumatic Stress. I ticked off about half of them.

This didn’t surprise me. Back in May 2000 I moved from a tiny department on a college campus to a small department in an adjoining town, and got sent to APCO Basic Telecommunicator training with the other dispatcher that also got hired in May. The instructor handed out a sheet about stress and various stressor events. I think there were about 25 or so on the list and point values. And then there was a chart at the end something like this:

  • 0-5 points was no real stress to worry about
  • 6-10 points was light stress, you might consider counseling
  • 11-15 points was moderate stress, you should contact a counselor
  • 16+ points was severe stress, you need to contact a counselor

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Cover Your Ass

I was talking with a coworker this afternoon about an incident that happened last night. I was relaying my frustrations about how I was sitting on the phone talking to another dispatcher at another agency, requesting assistance for my officers and she was asking questions that, if you think about them at all, are obvious.

ME: I have an officer requesting back up. Male ran from him, last seen heading southbound down ROBERTS ST TOWARD NP AVE.

DISPATCH: Is that North or South?

ME: Southbound on ROBERTS ST. (there is no ROBERTS ST south of MAIN AVE. This is your city, you should know that)

D: Where did this start at?

ME: 2 AVE/7 ST N (not that it really helps, since that isn’t where he was last seen)

OFFICER: I have one at Taser point, 1 AVE/10 ST, I need backup.

ME to Officer: 10-4, one at Taser point, 1 AVE/10 ST N.

OTHER AGENCY OFFICER: I’m out with the XXXX officer, 1 AVE/10 ST.

ME to Dispatch: He’s out with the subject 1 AVE/10 ST N.

D: OK, do you still need us to respond?

ME: Yes! He has one at Taser point. (You already have one of your officers on scene!)

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I’m cranky this Saturday, too

Sarah was talking about how she is cranky this Saturday. I’m pretty cranky today as well.


My daughter is in dance. And the company she is in does a great job teaching the kids, and even places well at competitions. They are quite affordable, being a couple of hundred dollars less/year than other area companies. But the owner is not nearly as organized as she thinks she is.


My daughter was signed up for a dance camp for Tues, Wed, and Thurs this week. When my wife and daughter showed up at 6 for it, no one was around. We never received an email that it was cancelled or postponed. The telephone number listed on the website and the facebook page is disconnected. My wife sent her an email. The next morning there was an email from the owner, but it wasn’t about the cancelled camp. It was about drop in classes being available this week instead. In fact, we didn’t get a response back from the email we sent until this morning, 5 days after the fact. When we hadn’t heard from her by 1PM Wednesday I posted on the facebook page asking what was up, and that this was the 4th or 5th time within the last year that something my daughter had been signed up for had been changed with little or no notice.

This morning’s email said she was sorry for the confusion, that she thought we had signed her up for the August camp, even though she made it clear when she responded back in June that Little Britches was signed up for the July camp. Miss M (the owner)  also said that this was NOT the 4th or 5th time something had been changed and that she was upset with me for posting on their facebook page. Unfortunately for her I have the emails yet where she did, in fact, change things. Continue reading “I’m cranky this Saturday, too”



Growing up I heard many stories about the year The Mouse Roared, 1969. The river is known as the Souris River in Canada, but the Mouse River in North Dakota. There were a couple of books, pamphlets and documentaries made about it was well as the stories of the people I grew up around. The flood of ’69 left an indelible mark on the city of Minot in April. Not just psychologically, but physically as well. There were still water stains on the classroom doors of my junior high school, Erik Ramstad. Others have written about the event much more eloquently than I can. You can find more photos here and here as well.  These photos shown here were taken by my grandparents.

69 Flood Lake Darling

This looks like it is probably the spillway at Lake Darling, about 20 miles north of Minot. Continue reading “Flood(s)”

Beware purple dragons

Pay no attention to the whimpering troll in the kitchen, he’ll be fine once the java is done brewing (or I’ll take his other hand off).

The life of a shift worker sucks at times. The wife is dealing with issues at work that are bleeding into her sanity at home. Little Britches has been acting out at the same time and needed to be dealt with. This means I’m a little punchy at the moment. I got up at 6 AM Friday to get them off to school. I took a two hour nap from about 8-10 PM so the wife could rest and then came to work for a twelve hour shift. I’m currently half way through, have already finished off one Coke and a pot of coffee. I foresee much more coffee and Mt. Dew in my future this morning. Can caffeine be safely taken intravenously?


Hey, anyone seen the purple dragon with the box of donuts? I could use some sustenance. That fucker is never around when I need him.

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