This article regarding tinnitus piqued my curiosity. When I was a kid I could sleep through anything. Tornado signs down the block (I slept with my window open because all we had for AC, when we finally got it, was a window unit out in the living room) wouldn’t wake me up. Even up through college I was a heavy sleeper. Once my daughter was born I became a light sleeper, trying to give my wife a chance to get a good night’s sleep. But in the last few years I’ve had difficulty sleeping. I assumed it was due to the issues I was having with my back, which were actually due to my having cancer. I’m cancer free now (6 months! Yahoo!) but still having sleep issues. I started taking diphenhydramine about 15 years ago, and melatonin about 12 years ago, with increasing amounts over time. I even tried doing a shot of tequila or other alcohol just before bed, which helped for awhile. Since my cancer diagnosis I’ve been taking trazadone several nights a week and that usually helps.


I’ve suffered from a low grade tinnitus since around college. I’m not exactly sure of the timeframe, as it’s a very low grade sound in the background, that I mostly notice when it stops. Which it does stop occasionally for a few minutes. When it does it jars me out of whatever I’m doing because suddenly everything is quiet and any sounds are crystal clear. Unfortunately that state only lasts for a couple of minutes at most before the ringing comes back again.


I wonder if this could also be a contributor to my sleep issues.