Santa had brought us Mercy Me tickets at Christmas and last night was the concert. It was my daughter’s very first concert. What a tremendous experience for a complete newbie.

It opened with Andrew Ripp, singer of Jericho Walls
. I didn’t recognize any of his other songs.

Next up we’re Rend Collective. First off, I didn’t realize they were from Ireland. Secondly, they were extremely funny (send them some Lucky Charms). They were a riot. I’ve heard many of their songs on the radio over the years, and I think they’ve played Fargo before at different venues. I definitely want to see them again sometime.

This was the first concert I have ever been to, outside of a festival setting, to have an MC. Mark Stuart, former lead singer of Audioadrenaline, came out on stage between the various acts and spoke while the stage was rearranged. He spoke a little bit about his life’s challenges and the missionary work he does, and also introduced his daughter while doing a fundraiser for children.

Finally it was Mercy Me’s turn to light it up. They had quite a production set up with a light show and several large screens. Mark Millard is a bit of a comedian.

The music was great, and they all did a wonderful job keeping the audience engaged. I will post some photos later.

Edit: Photos finally added.