Aprill 22, 2022 is “Earth Day”. Though every day should be Earth Day. Don’t pollute, pick up after yourself, leave the place in a better condition than you found it. That’s all that’s really needed for good things to happen. Any crap you hear about how we only have “X” number of years to “save” the planet, or that you need to cut back on your energy use because fossil fuels are somehow bad is just marxist BS meant to keep you living as a serf to those who see themselves as your betters (wannabe rulers).

Numerous predictions about the demise of the earth have fallen by the wayside. Unfulfilled prophecy seems to be the Lefty trade mark. When I was a kid it was Global Cooling/Ice Age that was gonna kill us. President Carter said we’d be out of oil by 2010. I gotta say, five year old me was kinda spooked by that when we were motoring around the lake in our little boat. Then it was Acid Rain and now Sea Level Rise. Or maybe it’s Global Warming Climate Change that’s gonna do it? The problems that immediately come to mind with all these predictions are 1) humans aren’t static creatures. We innovate and learn new techniques to reach the resources we’re looking for. 2) most of the Chicken Little’s are basing their predictions on badly developed models using faulty assumptions.

Ira Einhorn, the host and supposed mastermind of Earth Day, murdered his ex-girlfriend and then stuffed her body in a box in his apartment closet in Philadelphia. Don’t believe me? Check out what NBC has to say about it, not exactly a right wing site that.

I’ve survived something like eleventy mcbillion apocalypses now. I think I deserve that free set of steak knives.