This article causes me all sorts of pain. 


Let’s start with the obvious error from a company that is supposedly in the business of using words to convey a message.

Many diabetics and their families have to decide whether they can afford a vile of insulin or not, but recent legislation in Washington could ease this problem
“Vile means repulsive, gross, despicable. “Vial” is a small bottle of a substance.

Now on to other issues. The Affordable Insulin Now Act was introduced by a Democrat, to fix a problem created by his Democrat colleague in the White House. Biden suspended Trump’s rule on making insulin affordable. Did I have issues with the Trump rule? Yup. I think legislation would work better than an Executive Order. But I think an even better idea would be to let a truly free marketplace work it out. From this article last year, Walmart already sold a vial of insulin for about $25, and was going to start selling a different version for about $73. The patents for most of the insulins out there have expired, but the biggest issue in getting generic forms on the market is the production process. 


It seems I used to end up in a FascistBook argument nearly every year about why insulin isn’t free. Usually it’s along the lines of, “If Narcan is free, why isn’t insulin?” Which usually ends up with me explaining that Narcan is free because someone raised money or wrote a grant so that whichever department is providing it for free can do so. As the saying goes, “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” Someone, somewhere, has to pay, and sometimes that is the taxpayers of a particular area. If you can raise the money from private donations, or convince your local government to pay for it, good on you. 


While being a diabetic sucks donkey balls, I am one after all, it is a treatable condition. And just because someone comes out with a newer version of something that works better doesn’t mean you get to have it for free because you “need” it. Just because I need to get to work doesn’t mean I deserve a free new Bentley. Heck, I don’t even deserve a free used Pinto. Just because I need food doesn’t mean I expect to be supplied with free ribeye and lobster tail. I’m in charge of my life, and I’m the one who needs to make the decisions on what my highest priorities are and how to fund them. I certainly don’t want anyone from the government telling me what my priorities should be. My grandfather spent a couple of decades on injectable insulin. It maybe didn’t work as well as Humalog, or was as easy to use as one of the new injectable pens, but it did work then. And it still works today.