The US Women’s National Soccer Team filed a lawsuit alleging sex discrimination. The pay differential part of the suit was dismissed, but the Women have appealed.


I missed this a couple of months back when it came out (sue me, I was a little preoccupied with beginning my cancer fight) and just came across this video explaining the decision. In short, the women rejected the same offer that the Men’s National Team have, because they wanted different stuff. But having got what they wanted, now they want what the men have, too. They even got paid more than the men from their deal!


The more I find out about this team and its players, the less I like it. They don’t like the country they play for, feeling it’s racist, so why are they playing for it? Rapinoe seems like a real piece of work.  Nobody shows up to your games to hear your thoughts on politics. You’re entertainers, not preachers. If you fail to entertain us sufficiently, we quit showing up and you lose your jobs. At this point, I couldn’t care less if their whole league folded, again. They’re all sounding like whiny little spoiled children who didn’t get their ice cream when they asked for cake.