An update on my condition.


Woo Hoo!  Had another round of chemo this week and we went over my latest CT scan from Monday. Halfway through my chemo treatments and the CT scan showed everything shrinking. Two of the smaller nodules in my lungs were completely gone, and the others were down by about half to two-thirds of what they originally were. The lymph nodes in my rectum were also shrinking as was the tumor itself.

The doctor said after the 8th chemo treatment I’ll have another scan and the team will decide if more chemo is advised, or if we’ll progress to radiation/chemo treatments.

Otherwise things have been going pretty well. Side effects have been generally mild. But they are starting to get stronger. I took yesterday off because I was fatigued, nauseous, and light headed. I spent all day in bed (other than taking my daughter to her last day of school and picking her up) not getting up until dinner around 7pm, and then back to bed at 930. I ended up taking my 2nd anti-nausea pill yesterday, and that helped. It was almost like being hung over. I guess I could start referring to it as the “chemo hang over.” The cold sensitivity has really, really kicked up though. Room temperature drinks are too cold, they make my tongue and throat tingle. I have to drink hot or luke-warm stuff for a couple of days after chemo.

I’m feeling much better today though. I actually went to work. Still a little tired, but not as bad. And no nausea or light headedness.


Thanks for all the prayers. God is looking out for me and helping me along this journey. I’m not sure what his plans for me are, but he’s moving me in the direction he wants me.