The last two days, 24 hours really, have been really weird for our law enforcement community.

Yesterday in Federal Court in Fargo a man, Jeffrey Ferris, was found guilty and he then killed himself. I heard it was by cutting his own throat. I’m not sure what he used, the news report just says “easily concealable instrument” which is pretty vague. I can’t imagine he’d be able to get a metal knife through, but they do make ceramic ones which might get by a metal detector. He could have also used an improvised implement, like a sharpened piece of plastic (think tooth brush) as well.

Today one of the officers at my old department passed away while on duty. He started just after I left. It doesn’t appear to be anything traumatic, just an unexpected medical complication of some sort. Still, it’s surprising and hits hard. He was younger than I am.

They say these things come in threes. I wonder what the next will be?