The police in Raleigh, NC decided to go all Brown Shirt on the populace, ignoring their oath to the US Constitution. Specifically they violated the 1st Amendment, the 5th Amendment, and the 14th Amendments. They are by far not the only ones to do so. We’ve seen police in Colorado arrest someone for playing ball in the park with family members, citing church goers for sitting in their vehicles, among others.

There appear to be way to many officers who got into law enforcement for the wrong reasons. This looks like they just want the power of putting the jackboot on their neighbors necks, rather than actually helping people.

Just because there is a crisis of some sort doesn’t mean that the government gets to suspend our Constitutional rights. We’ve seen several court cases to that effect in the past.

The government has lost both the cases I’m aware of where they argued that, “The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact.”

Terminiello v. City of Chicago was specifically about free speech. And Kennedy v. Mendoza-Martinez was about revoking someone’s citizenship without due process.

And in NRA-ILA v. Nagin the City of New Orleans admitted they didn’t have the right to confiscate anyone’s firearms.


The only suicide pact would be in chucking the US Constitution in favor of some temporary feel-good “safety” decrees.

On a related note, I picked up my yellow protest hat. If I’m gonna virtue signal, I may as well do it for a good cause and look good doing it.

yellow hat

In case you’re wondering, some people have been calling for a protest against the overreach of government. May Day has been co-opted by the communist demonstrations. This year we aim to fight back against those that would oppress us, so are demonstrating on May 1st by wearing yellow. Why yellow? Around the world we’ve been seeing protestors wearing yellow as a sign of protest against government action. In France they have the Yellow Vests. In Kenya and Hong Kong they wore yellow ribbons.