Where There’s a Will (Gideon Oliver Series #12) by Aaron Elkins


Acclaimed for a mischievous wit and his intriguing mixture of forensic anthropology and real skull-duggery, Aaron Elkins is one of the best in the business and getting better all the time. Now, the author of Good Blood returns, and so does Gideon Oliver, professor of forensics, who uncovers a deadly family plot of greed and murder in the northern uplands of Hawaii.

4 Stars

An excellent installment of the Gideon Oliver series. Once again Gideon and John Lau are back in the Pacific Islands meeting John’s friends. This time they are on the Big Island of Hawaii, staying with friends on what’s left of a ranch that John grew up working at. Pretty much any story involving John is great, I really miss him when he doesn’t show up.

The stuff with Gideon and John was outstanding and flowed along nicely. Their interactions really make the story come alive. The stuff with the various Torkelson family members was slightly annoying. All of the Torkelson’s seemed very over the top, which made them easy to differentiate, but seemed a little too outlandish at times. The story flowed nicely and was paced well.

My biggest complaint was a line about the gun being too old to work because it was from WWII. At the time of the incident (1994) the gun would have been only ~50 years old. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work at that age unless they didn’t maintain it. Even today you can get pre-revolutionary Mosin Nagant rifles for a couple of hundred bucks that function fine. Soviet era ones are cheaper still. My grandfather’s WWII pistols still function perfectly. The age of the weapon doesn’t matter as much as how it was used and maintained.

The eBook was formatted well with only a couple of spelling/grammatical errors.