Mysteries According To Humphrey by Betty G. Birney



EEK-EEK-EEK! Mrs. Brisbane is missing!

Humphrey has always investigated things, like why Speak-Up-Sayeh was so quiet and Tall-Paul and Small-Paul didn’t get along, but this is a true mystery–Mrs. Brisbane is missing! She just didn’t show up in Room 26 one morning and no one told Humphrey why. The class has a substitute teacher, called Mr. E., but he’s no Mrs. Brisbane. Humphrey has just learned about Sherlock Holmes, so he vows to be just as SMART-SMART-SMART about collecting clues and following leads to solve the mystery of Mrs. Brisbane (and a few others along the way).

Nominated for twenty-four state awards and the winner of seven, the Humphrey series is a hit across the country.

4 Stars

I’ve been reading this with my daughter at bedtime, about a chapter a night since she picked it up at the book fair at school. She really fell in love with Humphrey when her teacher read one of the books during class in first grade, and so had to get a couple of the books for herself. They are just above her ability to read by herself right now, but she gives it a good try. By this summer she should have no trouble with them.

The pacing was good. The concepts and words were not very difficult, about right for an elementary child. Since that is the target audience, I would say that is wonderful. There wasn’t a whole lot of character development, but we did see some. It explained in a way appropriate for small kids why certain people may behave the way they do. And also that sometimes when people do certain things that other’s don’t like, that the offender might actually have a reason behind their actions. It also demonstrated how working with only a small amount of knowledge can lead to incorrect conclusions. Overall, I think this is an excellent book for it’s target demographic.

The paperback was formatted well with no obvious spelling/grammatical errors.