My daughter, Little Britches, has been in dance for a few years now with Dance Studio Elite. At the beginning of June, just after school let out. she had her end of year show where the entire troupe dances. This year everyone danced both nights, with just the soloists, duos and trios dancing one night or the other.

The Hip-Hop Competition Team started everything off with a bang. Lots of energy and good choreography made it quite enjoyable to watch. Miss J, best dancer in the company, absolutely killed every dance she was in.

Little Britches had one of the early performances as well. This was the first of three dances each night.

Her friend, Miss A, who is actually more a friend of a friend (Miss L) did quite well, too.

Miss L is like a big sister to Little Britches. Her mother watches Little Britches after school. She’s pretty much the reason Little Britches is in dance at all.

Little Britches second dance wasn’t a whole lot later. She really liked being “sassy” in this one. Believe me, the sassy comes naturally.

The Senior Competition team had several numbers. The first night I was able to get a fairly good shot of Miss J catching air right in front of our seats. The second night we sat farther back and people’s heads kept getting in the way of some of the shots.

The Senior Competition Team’s next number was quite exciting. It started out with the song Wipe Out, and then featured a wardrobe change mid number as they transitioned to another song.

You can sort of see how the original top hangs down under the skirt portion in the one shot. It’s all one piece, and the top comes down releasing the skirt, and then they also changed shoes.

Miss L and Miss A got to dance together in a couple of numbers.


This duo did a routine called Clap Snap the first night. It was my favorite tap routine of the night.

Miss L did really well in this number and seemed to have quite a lot of fun with it.

I liked this costume the best of the three she wore. Little Britches on the other hand hated it because it was too itchy. It’s apparently the hardest one for the teachers to sew together as it kept binding in the sewing machine.


Miss J did a solo tap routine the second night. Unfortunately this was the only photo I was able to get of it. It was, bar none, the best tap routine I’ve ever seen. That includes professional dancers in movies. She absolutely nailed it. This girl’s talent is way up the charts.Β  There aren’t many entertainers that have grown up in ND, but she may end up adding her name to the likes of Josh Duhamel (who I sat next to in a math class in high school), Johnny Lang (who used to play in the bar next door to where I worked when he and his group were still known as Kid Johnny Lang and the Big Bang), Peggy Lee, Louis L’Amour and Lawrence Welk (who happens to be a distant relative of mine).

Little Britches got to take pictures after the second night with her teachers, Miss Kortney, Miss Sydney and Miss Katie.

She also got to take some with some of the other dancers she’s friends with. Miss O was a helper in her Rec 2 class. She loves watching Miss J and says “Hi” to her whenever she sees her. Miss L was crying because she just found out that a couple of the kids in the class she’s a helper for are moving away this summer.

All in all it was a really good show, even if it go a little long each night.