Trump Derangement Syndrome not only lives, it’s unstoppable. It’s the Posleen of current politics. My friends on the left, you are simply looking for validation of your fears. You’ve let Trump live rent free in your heads so long, you seem certain that everything bad in the world is because of him, regardless of facts or reality. You don’t want a discussion of what is going on, nor the ways in which it might be changed (legally). You want someone who doesn’t agree with your politics to follow your preferred solutions, even if they aren’t legal. You want everyone to praise your noble thoughts, no dissent allowed.

Case 1:

Angie blurred part 1

I’m actually not aware of any ways that Trump is like Hitler on a real and rational level, but I tried my best to point out things that I think Trump has done well. I didn’t vote for the man in ’16, but his policies are turning me into a fan and I’ll probably vote for him in ’20 if he keeps this up.

Angie part 2

Oh, but that isn’t what she wanted to hear. She wanted to hear how bad Trump is and how he’s Hitler reincarnated.

angie blurred part 3

Oh, so she wants a direct comparison of Trump and Hitler. Got ya! David already did that earlier this year.

Angie part 4

But she still didn’t like that and went on a couple of more posts asking for my direct repudiation of Trump. I’m not going to bother linking those here.

Case 2:

They don’t want discussion of any sort. They don’t want to know that others did the same. Trump is BAAAD! Mmmkay?

lisa blurred part 1

I agree that separating parents and children sucks donkey balls. But there can be no deviance from the narrative! Pointing out that this isn’t really a new policy IST VERBOTEN!

lisa blurred part 2

lisa blurred part 3

lisa blurred part 4

So we should just do nothing because there wasn’t enough outrage…

Let’s do something then. How about we get Congress to do it’s job and changed the law?

Nyet, Comrade! You are off topic. This policy is New, New, NEW!

What. The. Fuck?

The law is the same one we’ve had for decades. The only thing “new” is that it’s being applied universally now (you know, the way laws are supposed to be enforced). While stories of parents being separated at ports of entry is compelling, let’s just say that I suspect the NPR article leaves out quite a bit of details. I’ll reserve judgement on it until more information comes out. As for that whole allegedly violating due process and equal protection stuff, wouldn’t letting people with kids go free while incarcerating those without be an actual violation of the equal protection part of the law?

lisa blurred part 5

There can be no dissent! Because “defending this in any way, shape, or form, for any reason whatsoever…” means we can’t have a discussion about it at all.

Case 3:

While this isn’t directly related to Trump, I see it’s being passed around social media once again. [Heavy Sigh]

Jimmy Carter doesn't understand the difference

I have no idea if this is an actual Jimmy Carter [spit] quote, but let’s just break down how stupid it is anyway.

  • Christianity isn’t about the government. Something about rendering therefore to Caesar or something, right? (Mark 12:17) You show loyalty to God and obey his teachings not by paying taxes so the government can do the work, but by doing the actual work yourself.
  • Our Federal government isn’t supposed to be working to keep the poor fed and sheltered itself. That’s not it’s job. At least I can’t find it in the enumerated powers of the Federal government.
  • I can very well want a nation based on Christian values while at the same time not wanting the Federal government trying to impose it’s interpretation of those values on everyone. It’s the people, you know it’s citizens, that make up the Nation not the bureaucrats and elected officials.


I’m sure there will be many more examples to come. But for now, let’s just say that I believe in the right of the people to engage in discussion about topics. That includes the right to hold views that are silly, stupid, and reprehensible as well as those that are moral, noble and caring.

The mental masturbation that these people are going through so they can feel validated is impressive, if not altogether misguided. Quit making me defend Trump. Quit freaking out over every little thing he does.