I haven’t been active blogging for awhile, so I though I might catch up.


Baywatch – I found this show pretty entertaining. It poked a lot of fun at itself and was quite funny. Plus, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach made for some nice eye candy running around in their swim suits. The plot was kinda meh, but the action was good and it was paced well.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – was soooo bad I couldn’t even finish the first half hour even with Cara Delevingne half nude. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie with a plot so unformed. Hell, I’ve seen pornos with a better plot.

Courageous – Was a wonderful film about faith and honor. It was also really funny. The scene where Adam is interrogating Javier about why he is there is gold.



For Steam and Country – was a cute little steam punk aimed at a juvenile audience. It flowed well, but could have used a little more back story woven into it. Not sure if it was set on Earth or some other planet.

Darkship Renegades – was one of the better stories I’ve read lately. The second in the series it wasn’t quite as hard hitting as Darkship Thieves, but still quite engrossing.


  • Good lord, the family drama has been turned up to 10.Grandma W had a stroke a couple of months ago and has been in a nursing home since. She has to sell her house so she can pay for the nursing home care, and most of the family has been down clearing out the house the last few weekends.
  • One of my aunts who didn’t make the trip called and was all upset because things are moving “too fast” and Grandma is “watching her entire life march out the door with all her possessions.” Yes, it’s moving fast because bills are coming due.
  • One of my aunts who did make the trip kept saying she wasn’t feeling well all weekend. Also, she got snippy with my Grandma and then my Grandma wouldn’t speak directly to her the rest of the weekend. When it was time to leave on Sunday, she didn’t think she could drive home, so my mother drove her car back. When they got to her house and started unpacking the moving van she passed out, and then refused to go see the doctor. Later, she went to the bathroom and had a bunch of blood in her stool. Still refused to see the doctor. My Mom called my cousin who is married to a doctor in town, said she’d talk my aunt into seeing the doctor. Apparently she was exhibiting many of the same symptoms that my uncle did shortly before he passed away. Good news is she did see the doctor and it’s not cancer, but diverticulitis.
  • One of my other aunts brought along a young man that she works with to help with the move. By young, I mean 30. My aunts and parents are all in their 50’s and 60’s. My parents said he was a really nice guy and hard worker. But he didn’t show up for work on Monday, nor on Tuesday. One of his neighbors went over to his trailer and found two bodies inside. It appears they died of smoke inhalation.
  • My wife is upset that we got Grandma’s dining room table, because there is a condition on us (or anyone) having it. That condition is that if we decide we no longer want it we have to offer it to someone else in the family first before selling it. It was given to my grandparents by my great-great grandparents. It’s really old (Mom said 1880s), and may need some minor work, but I think it’s a nice table. My wife has been complaining that she wants a different, larger, dining room table for awhile now. And it comes with six chairs (four in a set and two more they got later). This seems fortuitous timing to me.2018062495175153[1]
  • The washing machine has been going out, so we finally replaced it. That was a cool grand we don’t really have that we ended up spending. While moving stuff around in the laundry room we discovered that the water heater is leaking (rusting out on the bottom) so we’ll need to replace that, too. Likely another grand we’ll have to drop this next week.
  • My wife is pissed at me. We’ve been talking about moving, but I have been telling her we need to pay some of our other debts off, or at least down, first. She decided last week that we need to move this summer because she doesn’t like the neighbors. The neighbor girls that Little Britches plays with have been mean to her at times this summer. And Little Britches complains that she doesn’t really have anyone to play with (I think that’s a universal childhood thing) because none of her classmates live near us as she attends a different school that isn’t the neighborhood school. My wife is a teacher and takes Little Britches to school with her, which has worked out well because the lady who watches Little Britches after school also works at the school. Anyway, we contacted a realtor to take a look at the house and give us an idea what we may get for it, what we need to spruce up, and what houses are available in the area we would like to move. So the realtor came and gave us her opinions on the various items, and the answers weren’t to my wife’s liking. Basically, we need to pay off (or down) some more of our debt to be able to afford the kind of house we would like to move into.