My review of Charlotte MacLeod’s The Bilbao Looking Glass


bilbao looking glass


Sarah finds a strange mirror that, though unbroken, proves to be very bad luck

According to Max Bittersohn, he and Sarah Kelling have witnessed enough murder and unhappiness, so it’s high time they got married. And though Sarah hasn’t yet agreed to such drastic measures, she invites Max to summer with her at Ireson’s Landing. But they haven’t been in the house ten minutes when they stumble upon summer’s first mystery—a mint-condition, antique Spanish mirror that is tremendously rare and valuable. Sarah has never seen it before and she doesn’t know how it ended up in the summerhouse, but the sleuthing couple will soon find this looking glass to be more troublesome than anything Lewis Carroll ever invented. As the zany Kelling clan descends on Ireson’s Landing, Sarah and her beau try to uncover the mystery of the Bilbao looking glass—a quest that is disrupted when a vicious next-door neighbor is found hacked to death with a woodshed ax. By summer’s end, Sarah and Max will learn that some murders can be solved simply by looking in the mirror.

5 Stars

Another wonderful installment of a great mystery series. I love the characters she creates. I forget about the timeline in the books sometimes as they came out about every year or so at the beginning, but the events take place over only a stretch of a few months. It’s quite the hopping place Sarah is running, with a bunch of murderous events happening in a short amount of time.

While somewhat predictable, I pegged the main culprit straight off, the culmination was a rather exciting buildup. Max even got arrested! And Sarah finally made her decision on Max public. We got to meet some of Max’s family this time, though not enough other than to say “they’re my kind of people” as they behave much like my family. As opposed to the Yacht Club set that Sarah grew up around, with their hoity-toity gatherings and looking down their noses at blue collar types.

I’m very much looking forward to the next installment in the series.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious spelling or punctuation errors.