My review of Charlotte MacLeod’s The Palace Guard



When a museum guard takes a tumble, Sarah and Max find a forgery

It has only been a few months since Sarah Kelling’s elderly husband passed away, and she is struggling to adapt to life as a penniless young widow. To make ends meet, she converts her stately Boston home into a boardinghouse, a decision that brings something even better than money: the company of art-fraud investigator Max Bittersohn. The budding couple is standing on a balcony, recovering from a second-rate concert at a third-rate museum, when something plummets past them. The museum has been robbed, and a guard has fallen to his death.

Dozens of priceless paintings have been stolen and replaced with forgeries, and to recover these masterworks will mean tearing the lid off the quiet life of the Boston upper crust. But it is a chance Sarah and Max must take, lest they join the guard on his long trip down.

5 Stars

A wonderful little cozy mystery. Of the first three in the series, I think this one is my favorite. While the copyist was pretty obvious, the ultimately responsible party I dithered about somewhat until towards the end. I liked most of the new characters that were introduced, the ones I didn’t like were the ones we weren’t meant to like. And I really liked that Mrs. Sorpende found a beau of her own. I also liked that Sarah and Max recognized that they were meant for each other, finally.

The story line fairly flew along with it’s pacing. There was no plodding along like in previous installments. I’m quite looking forward to the next books in the series.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious spelling errors and only one noticeable punctuation error.