Quite a few NFL players have been deciding to take a political stance during the National Anthem. There’s nothing illegal about that, it’s their right. It’s not a new thing either. A few years ago then St. Louis Rams players decided to come out of the locker room showing the ‘Hands Up’ gesture. Last year Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the National Anthem to protest minority rights and has now been joined by, it seems like, everyone in the NFL.

Well, there are a few that haven’t fallen into the victim mentality. Here we have Alejandro Villanueva who was the only member of his entire team to come out of the locker room for the Anthem. VILLANUEVA ANTHEM

Now, the only business I’ve ever been in charge of myself was when I was a kid and mowed lawns. But I’ve observed some of my relatives as they ran their small businesses. And I’ve worked for a fair number of private companies (along with some government agencies). Customer Service is stressed quite heavily, even in government believe it or not. Rule #1 in Customer Service is Don’t Piss Off the Customer.

If you do 20 good things no one is likely to notice. Piss off one customer and 20 people hear about it. How many of you won’t do business with a certain company, or know someone who won’t do business with a certain company, because of a bad experience. Gordon Graham has a good little story about it. It goes something like this: He and his wife went to Sears to get a washer, set up delivery for a specific day and time frame. His wife was there, Sears wasn’t. Instead of rescheduling the delivery, they cancelled the order and got the washer from a competitor. I quit eating at Pizza Hut because of the poor customer service at multiple locations (in two different countries!). I quit using Barnes and Noble because of their customer service among other issues. I don’t buy books from Tor anymore either.

All of the places I’ve been employed have had a policy where if the employee does something to embroil the employer in a controversy the employee can expect to be fired. Making your employer look bad is a good way for the employer to lose business. If the company loses business, they have to let employees go. Or might even go out of business all together.

Apparently there aren’t many good business leaders in the NFL, because by continuing to allow their representatives (the NFL players and coaches) to piss of their customers (the fans). But then again, maybe they aren’t worried about it. The NFL actually had really good paid attendance last year. I’m not sure if that actually translates into butts in seats or merchandise sold, but their attendance was it’s best ever.

attendance nfl

We’ll have to see if that continues. Last year there was lots of gloom/doom early, and the protests were the most often cited for those no longer watching, but there were other issues as well, like off field player conduct and the NFL’s response to it.

Yes, occasionally police officers get a little over zealous, but more often than not the incident is the result of really poor and oftentimes intentional actions on the part of person who gets shot/beat by the police officer. If Michael Brown would have simply stepped up onto the sidewalk to get out of the street, he would be alive. If Alton Sterling wouldn’t have decided to fight with officers he would be alive. He’d probably still be in jail because he was a felon in possession of a firearm, but he’d be alive. Of course he had a history of making poor decisions, so this one wasn’t really a surprise.

I, for one, am planning on putting away my jerseys for awhile as these spoiled brats are pissing me off a little. I wonder how many of them have any experiences outside of North America and the annual NFL London games? Things aren’t exactly rosy out there.

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