I spent the last two and a half days in training. WooHoo! This department doesn’t have much of a training budget, at least not for us dispatchers. I came back to this department (originally worked here from January 1998 to May 2000) in January 2008. After training on departmental policy I had Active Shooter Response training in December 2008. That was the last training I had other than working the new video recorders and data logger.


Clarke and Tracie Paris spoke The Pain Behind the Badge, about suicide prevention and dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. Good stuff. Emotional stuff. I cried. They listed about 30 items that are indicators of Post Traumatic Stress. I ticked off about half of them.

This didn’t surprise me. Back in May 2000 I moved from a tiny department on a college campus to a small department in an adjoining town, and got sent to APCO Basic Telecommunicator training with the other dispatcher that also got hired in May. The instructor handed out a sheet about stress and various stressor events. I think there were about 25 or so on the list and point values. And then there was a chart at the end something like this:

  • 0-5 points was no real stress to worry about
  • 6-10 points was light stress, you might consider counseling
  • 11-15 points was moderate stress, you should contact a counselor
  • 16+ points was severe stress, you need to contact a counselor

My partner and I looked at each other’s sheets. We both scored something like 18 or 19 points.  Stress? Yes, I’ve thrived on stress most of my life. It’s what I do.

It was good training. I’m likely going to modify some things.



Gordon Graham presented on Risk Management and Customer Service.  I highly recommend attending any course he gives. Gordon Graham is *wipes mustache and runs hand over head (sorry, I don’t have any hair anymore)* fucking AWESOME! and Hi-larious as hell. You WILL be sorry if you miss his course.



Mark J. Lindquist ended the day as a motivational speaker. He’s a very funny dude and will have you in stitches. I had never met him, or even heard of him before. But I see we have a few mutual friends in the Fargo area.

But the most interesting part of today was the opening with a presentation on the response to the No DAPL protests last year through the early part of this year. I’ve talked a little bit about this before, here and here. Sheriff Paul “Bart” Laney did most of the talking, but some people from the ND Department of Emergency Services also spoke. If you get a chance to hear Bart give his presentation on this, do so. What you saw in social media, in most of the main stream media, and from the oh so concerned/s talking heads in politics and Hollywood is not what was happening.

This is one of the events that has me firmly planted in the NEVER A Democrat field. If you are out there encouraging lawlessness while running for US Congress (Chase Iron Eyes) and your party isn’t reigning you in. I have no time for you or your party. Of course the Green Party did itself no favors either when US Presidential candidate Jill Stein stopped by for a photo op and vandalized private property. Shailene Woodley, Mark Ruffalo and Susan Sarandon I hope have vagrants setting up camp, shitting on their front lawn and helping themselves to whatever food and furniture happen to be in these fine upstanding hypocritical stars/s homes. Maybe we’ll get lucky and these stars/s will fall on a rusty ricin covered fish scaler.

Because these Water Protector/s protesters were not peaceful. As I posted earlier today, and have expressed similar sentiments in the past:

*Little aside: I not only grew up in ND, my direct ancestors homesteaded the area where the pipeline goes through. One of my best friends from high school is a deputy for Morton County. Many of my current and former coworkers and my friends responded to help. My grandfather was Sheriff of Morton County when I was little. I’ve camped and fished the exact area where the protest camps and the law enforcement forward operations base were located. I still have relatives farming in the area. I effing KNOW that area.*

The media tried to portray the LE response as overly militarized, heavy handed and out of proportion to protest. Morton County SO has 34 sworn deputies. There were approximately 10,000 protestors at one point. The largest city in ND is 120,000 and the 10th largest city in ND is 7,800. Some of the protestors were peaceful, most were not. Trespassing on private property and destroying equipment is not peaceful activity. Pulling someone out of their vehicle or off their equipment and carrying them away (wasn’t physically touching the ground!) is not peaceful activity. Launching rocks, bricks, marbles, nuts and bolts is not a peaceful activity. Throwing burning logs and molotov cocktails is not a peaceful activity. Charging your horses at people is not a peaceful activity. Stampeding buffalo (privately owned at that) towards people (I have no idea what those terrorists thought was going to happen if the herd actually got to the line of law enforcement since the line of protestors was standing about 10 feet in front of the officers) is not a peaceful activity. Trying to crash a drone into a helicopter is not a peaceful activity. Shooting at people is not a peaceful activity.

Morton County and the state of ND asked for help from every state and the Federal government. 10 states showed up to help. The only representatives from the Feds was a group of ‘civil rights’ lawyers sent to keep an eye on the local law enforcement response and the President who showed up to glad hand the protesters.

If you think the Indians have gotten a raw deal and got fucked over by the European immigrants over the centuries, I agree with you. If you think they should be going to court to get the Federal and State governments to live up to their end of the treaties, I’m with you. If you think these protesters were in the right, get the fuck out of here. You are either really, really fuckin’ ignorant or you are criminally stupid. These people should be facing trial for domestic terrorism and facing long jail sentences in really harsh penal institutions. I’m not a very good Christian, because I don’t know if I can find it in myself to forgive assholes like that. I do not see any redeeming quality to those people. I’m not referring to the couple of dozen actual peaceful protesters, but the couple of hundred hardcore agitators Soros trucked in. The several thousand useful idiots that showed up probably need to be dropped off on one of the uninhabited Aleutian Islands with a plastic spork and a roll of 10 lb test fishing line. If they can make it back home they’re likely redeemable. If not…fish and birds gotta eat, too.