My review of Champion Dog: Prince Tom by Jean Fritz and Tom Clute

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This is the true story of a loveable, under-sized blonde cocker spaniel with big ideas. Prince Tom, who lives in Adrian, Michigan, with his owner, Tom Clute, spends his life surprising people, doing the impossible, and adding new titles to his name. Today he is one of the most famous dogs in the country with an official name so long that it takes two breaths to say it. (Try it.) Prince Tom III, Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog, National Field Trial Companion.

(excerpted from the dust jacket of the Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club edition)

5 Stars

This is an excellent book for young readers. What kid doesn’t like a tale about a dog? The story is straight forward; man gets a puppy, dog naturally learns some tricks, enters obedience school and does well, enters competitions and does extremely well, end of story. There’s no fancy words, and a few pictures. The chapters are short and the line spacing is fairly large. There is no mystery as to what happens. The only suspense is whether he becomes champion on the first attempt or if he has to work at it a few times.

This was my father’s book. He probably got it around 2nd grade. I read it when I was a kid while staying at my grandparent’s place when I was in about 2nd grade. I just read it to my daughter, who is in first grade. A chapter a night while she lays in bed after reading some simpler books to me.

The hardcover book was formatted well, with no obvious spelling or grammar errors. For a cheap children’s book, it’s weathered it’s 60 years quite well. The pages are discolored, but not brittle. The binding is still fully intact.

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