Uncanny things haunt the high country, where mountains bring justice and men tell mysterious tales. A place where churches seek the lost and deadly forces lurk below the peaks.

Contains eight short stories drawn from locations and legends of Central Europe, including the Drachenberg version of a famous folk-tale, and an excerpt from the next Cat Among Dragons novel.

4 Stars

An excellent, but short, collection of short stories with a supernatural bent set in the mountains of central Europe. I quite liked most of them, and feel that many could be expanded into novella or novel length. My biggest complaint is that they weren’t long enough. I’m looking forward to reading more of her work.

Silver, Plows and Powers – is a good little story about a powerful, yet evil, being inhabiting a mountain. It seemed like there was much more there, storywise, and that it could easily be expanded into a novella. 4 stars

Rumbles of Justice – a quick little scene about a traveling merchant escaping over the mountains from a farmer’s family. It really wasn’t any more than a scene. 2 stars.

A Traveller Passing Through – a quick little tale about a painter in a tiny alpine valley chapel. I liked this one. I seemed like something that should be part of a larger story. 5 stars

Unto the Hills – tells the story of a man hiding out in a mountain monastery in a post apocalyptic world. It was well told and flowed well. It seemed like it could be made into more complete novel. 4 stars.

That Which Is Hidden – a quick little tale of the supernatural surrounding a hidden church in the mountains. 4 stars

Written In Stone – a short tale of an apprentice mason and the conspiracy theory author who finds his work centuries later. 3 Stars

Devils, Dragons, and Castle Tales – is a story about a story. Told from the lips of some empathic changelings about a couple of lovers caught by young woman’s monstrous father. It was cute, but I’m not sure exactly what the creatures telling the story actually are. 4 stars

On the Edge – tells the tale of a Habsburg heir on a brief sabbatical at a mountain monastery, who is himself part dragon, dealing with the succession of the Habsburg dynasty and the supernatural “Powers” that inhabit the land. Quite well done and entertaining. 4 Stars

There are historical notes at the end as well.

The eBook was formatted well with only a couple of noticeable spelling errors.