My review of John Ringo and Tom Kratman’s novel Yellow Eyes

yellow eyes

Stand Against the Posleen Horde!

Earth invaded! The Posleen aggressors eating what population they don’t outright vaporize! Now the aliens are closing in on a vital choke point for the humans: the Panama Canal. No canal, no food. No food—the North American resistance crumbles, and hope fades. What’s worse, slimeball appeasers within the U.S. State Department (surprise!) are set to sell out the resistance to another race of would-be galactic overlords.

One problem for our enemies: when the chips are down for humans, heroes have a habit of arising: A captain of industry who whips a corrupt and inefficient Central American kleptocracy into fighting shape within weeks. A retired Panamanian woman warrior who returns to the field of battle to rally her people in a last stand to save their children. And a battleship that is literally brought to consciousness by the echoes of ancient naval tradition (and a sentient A.I.) to fight ferociously for her country — and the captain she’s come to love.

It’s a rip-roaring epic of tactics, heroism, and survival as only two masters of military SF (both of whom served in Panama during their stint in the Army) can tell it.

Multiple New York Times and USA Today best-seller John Ringo and Tom Kratman, collaborator with Ringo on the intriguing and controversial Watch on the Rhine, deliver another exciting entry in Ringo’s hugely popular Posleen War series.


5 Stars

An extremely entertaining book about the Posleen invasion of Panama. It was informative about the area and some military tactics, but was mostly a study of characters. I cared not only about the humans in the story, but also the aliens. It was quite fast paced as well. I liked this even better than Watch on the Rhine.

I found the “Afterword” by Ringo and Kratman to be quite informative as well. It could have been written last year or yesterday rather than a decade ago and been just as relevant in explaining today’s events as reported in the media.

The eBook was formatted well with only a couple of spelling/grammar mistakes. Special thanks to the Baen Free Library and CD images.