I am in need of some help. My grandmother gave me some old photos she was going to throw out. Some have writing in Swedish on the back that I would love to know what it says.

face on the left, back on the right

I make out the names, and the request for a $10 money order, but the rest of it is gibberish to me.

For the second to last one I can make out “Mother’s parents – Johnson”, and it appears the studio was in Halmstad, Sweden. And since the family is from the Halmstad area that makes sense. But I can’t make out much of the rest of the logo, nor of the writing that is under the English inscription. I can’t even tell if what’s written there is English or Swedish, if supposed to be for this photo or simply bled through from something else.

The last photo appears to be of my great grand mother and her friend. “mother” is penciled in on the front. And “Mother + ????” on the back. I can’t really tell if that is supposed to be “friend” or possibly someone’s name. There is another photo of the two as well, this time wearing large hats, but the other woman isn’t identified.

In all there are about 50 photos, but these are the only ones in Swedish. Most of them aren’t marked at all and I have no idea who they are. These are the only one’s in Swedish.

update 4-4-17:

An online friend from Finland, and her friend Umu, gave me a translation. Thank you, Kirsi-Marja. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Löderup, 26/5/1915
My dear brother
Live well
Here I’m sending you a picture (card) of Albert and me, so you can see what we look like.
We will begin our journey tomorrow, Sunday the 27 of this month and on the 28th we will leave Malmö.
Signing yours sincerely your brother Adolf(?)

(Löderup and Malmö are situated in the Skåne County in Southern Sweden.)

“Send mi mony order 10 Dollar”
Can you go down to the Depot to ask if my xxxx (sekel?) has arrived for I have lost my slip

(This is an educated guess, for it seems the person is partly expressing himself in English (or rather Swenglish), has typos and the handwriting is hard to read. If that one word there is ”sekel”, he could be using it instead of the English word ”sickle”, or if it’s written ”settel”, perhaps he was waiting for information on a settlement of an issue or dispute?)

This is Astrid
But don’t let her know that I have sent her (picture) for she thinks she is not good (looking). It was taken with a xxxx (lärjt?) light so the shine of the xxxx (lärjten?) fell on the other eye making it look like she only has one eye. But otherwise she is as natural as she can be.
Many greetings with (fålrja? fålnja?) from cousin Inger (Yngar?)