bison_2One of the things I’d love to see come Monday Night Football would be one of the commentators use the C’mon Man! segment about FBS teams scheduling NDSU. They will come into your house, push you around, beat you up, take your pride, take your money and walk out with a win.

Whenever an FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) team puts an FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) team on the schedule the expectation is an easy tuneup game to get some players some experience and confidence brewing. You can’t do that with NDSU! It’s been pointed out before by different sites and once again today that FBS teams need to quit scheduling NDSU. I think the Big 10 gets it, as they’ve sent out a directive that their teams aren’t to schedule any new FCS games. And no FBS team has come calling play the Bison until 2020 (Oregon).

The thing about NDSU is they aren’t your typical FCS team. They aren’t even your typical elite FCS team. You should basically just consider them a Power 5 program that’s been limited to 63 scholarships. They have won 5 straight FCS National Championships (and appear to be on their way to #6 if they keep playing like this) and their last six FBS contests. There are a couple of cupcakes in there (Minnesota wasn’t that good, Kansas was pretty terrible, and Iowa State made Wentz, Crockett and Emanuel look pretty good), but they also beat a Kansas State team that was the defending Big 12 Champion and went on to win the 2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Now they beat an Iowa team that is the defending Big 10 West Champion and ranked in the top 15 (#11 Coaches poll and #13 in the AP Poll). Those are a couple of good teams.

One thing you notice when watching these games is just how physically dominant NDSU is over their opponents. Particularly in the 4th quarter. Jim Kramer, the strength and conditioning coach deserves a ton of credit for getting these teams in shape and building up their strength to the point they are able to push these 4 and 5 star recruits around like pimp collecting money from one of his bitches. Iowa might have the highest paid strength coach, but NDSU gets the most out of their program. Watch the defenses of Kansas State and Iowa on these long 4th quarter drives sucking wind and getting  blown off the ball. You’d think from just watching the play that NDSU was the Big Time program instead of the small school.

NDSU just keeps building bigger and better teams. There is no re-building. It’s all re-loading. They are taking kids overlooked by bigger programs and walk-ons, turning them into top flight players. It doesn’t matter who the players or the coaches are, this team expects to win every game. The culture of winning is ingrained in these players to the point that they don’t care who they play, they aren’t going to be intimidated, they are just going to go out and win.

Congrats to another great NDSU win.

Edit:  Kansas played in the 2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl December 28, 2013. I had previously indicated they played in the 2013 Fiesta Bowl. Which they did on January 3, 2013, meaning it was the 2012 Kansas State team that was the Big 12 Champion that played in the Fiesta Bowl.