My review of Rick Raphael’s Code Three



Ben Martin and Clay Ferguson have got a tough job. In Car 56 — “Beulah” — they patrol the super-highways of a future that might have been. Along with Medical-Surgical Officer Kelly Lightfoot, they help keep an insane road system as safe as possible.

Here is a startling and excitingly realistic portrait of regular folks in a future extrapolated from a time when technology was changing at an explosive rate. What if highways just got bigger and bigger, cars faster and faster? How could such be patrolled, when crashes, jams and road rage are the norm?

The answer is an elite paramilitary corp. These dedicated officers, trying to keep reign on a crazed vehicle culture with sixty foot long tank-like patrol cars with 25mm cannon, cranes and full medical suites.

Nominated for a Hugo Award, Code Three is a gripping tale for all fans of “If This Go On” stories.

4 Stars

I liked it. It seemed to have a few too many lists/descriptions at the beginning, but once past that the action flowed pretty good. I liked the three main characters, their interactions seemed believable, though not all that deep. I’m not so sure about the vehicles as described, but they worked within the story. It was well paced and action packed.

One of the things I really enjoy about these old Hugo nominated stories is that the story actually moves along, people do stuff besides simply exist. There is fanciful and weird technology being used or ‘people’ unlike the common everyday type I see wandering around today. Instead of some tale about how difficult a moral choice supposedly is, we are shown why or how things are. Instead of philosophy, we get actual science driven fiction.

The eBook was formatted well with no obvious spelling or grammatical errors. There were no illustrations in the edition I downloaded.