My review of the short story Ratskiller by Robert A. Hoyt


… Long before the bird reared its ugly beak, there was beer. And lots of it.
In the humble world of alley cats, Tom has everything he needs: interesting enemies, a long list of girl cats who’d like to scratch his eyes out, and enough beer to make sure his repressed memories and his mysterious destiny stay repressed.
Until Wild Rat microbrewery shuts down.
To restore his favorite beer to its former glory, Tom will have to fight prissy bureaucrats, streetwise alley cats, and Broxton’s most barbaric rats. And behind it all, an evil so great that even Broxton’s most hardened rodents dare not squeak of it.

5 Stars

That was awesome! An alcoholic alley cat takes on a brewery full of rats in order to save his favorite beer. It’s hilarious. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Tom is the only really well defined character, but the others all make sense and are fleshed out enough to make their motivations within the story work. It’s not very long and very fast paced. This was very entertaining. Well done, Mr. Hoyt. Well done indeed.

The eBook was formatted well with only a couple of minor spelling errors.