It’s the Silly Season. No, I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking NFL draft. There’s always lots of speculation about what teams are going to do. While a lot of pundits talk about what teams need and who they should go after the teams themselves don’t always have the same outlook. But an FCS Quarterback as the overall #1 pick in the draft? Come on.

carson wentz

This year has been pretty special in Fargo as Carson Wentz has drawn quite a bit of national attention. But this is maybe wildest idea I’ve heard so far. While I really like Wentz and want him to do well, I just don’t see a team (even as crazy as the Jerry Jones era Cowboys are) trading up from the #4 pick to #1 for an FCS quarterback with a total of 23 college starts.

Personally, as well as Wentz did here at NDSU, and as much talent as he has, I think most teams will shy away from him as a 1st round pick. I think Jared Goff is the safer choice there. The Browns have a need for a QB now, next year at the latest. I just don’t think RGIII is the answer, anywhere. Browns coach Hugh Jackson apparently has ties to not only the Cal program, but possibly to the the Goff family. If that’s the case, then I would expect the Browns to take Goff with the #2 pick. The Titans drafted their QB last year in Mariotta, so I don’t see them using the #1 pick for that. San Diego picks #3 and don’t appear to need a top QB at the moment. So why wouldn’t the Cowboys stand pat at #4 if they really want to draft Wentz?

As much as I hate the Cowboys, I think Wentz fits best with them. So I would like to see him go there, study behind Romo for a year or two and get acclimated. And Romo goes down again this year at least Wentz gives them a shot at winning a couple of games. The Cowboys have addressed in one way or another pretty much all their other positional needs in free agency. Regardless of Jones’ previous declaration that Dallas doesn’t need to draft a QB this year, it’s the one position they didn’t do anything about so far this off season. So I think they are definitely drafting a QB. I just don’t know where. They’ve seen Wentz play. They coached him in the Senior Bowl as well. The buzz seems to be they like him. If he was still around in the second round I’d say he would definitely be their pick. But I think all the talk about Wentz has forced their hand into either taking him as a 1st rounder if they want him. I’m not convinced they want to use the #4 pick on him. And I really don’t see them trading up to the first overall pick.