My review of Mack Reynolds’ Hugo nominated short story Status Quo


A US Government Agent in Washington, DC, hunts down members of a revolutionary ‘Movement’ that’s responsible for counterfeiting billions in US currency.

Originally published in Analog Magazine August 1961

4 Stars

A good little story about the dangers of relying on credentials without basis rather than observable qualities such as honesty, integrity, intelligence and effectiveness in their position that good judgement can be based on. Written 50 years ago we’re still dealing with this problem, possibly even more so, today.

None of the characters is all that deep, not that I’d expect such from a short story. Though the main character does seem to question his part in society at times he’s really very icily cunning with few morals.

The Project Gutenberg eBook is well formatted with no obvious spelling or grammatical errors. The one issue I had was that the original pagination from the magazine shows up as text within the document.

There is another version of this story floating around that appears to be a copy of the Project Gutenberg file (no attribution) except it’s missing the first couple of pages and the art work.