Officer Down!  Officer Down!

One of the officers of a local agency, thankfully not mine, was shot tonight by a barricaded subject after a report of a Domestic Dispute and subsequent Shots Fired calls.

Over the years I’ve been involved in a couple of shootings. I don’t like them.

The first was when I was in grade school. One of my neighbors, two houses down from our house, got in a domestic and shot his wife in the face with a shotgun in front of her daughter. He let the daughter and his son (both had kids from prior marriages) go, but holed up inside the house all night taking shots at the officers. The house in between theirs and ours had a couple holes in it.

My first time working one was where a guy fled from a domestic dispute, tried to run over my officer who had laid out spike strips, and then went after another officer (from a different agency) with a machete.

These things don’t happen in Fargo very often. You can probably count on one hand the number of times officers in the area have shot someone or been shot at in a year, and have fingers left over.

Tonight one of the officers on the perimeter that was set up appears to have been shot by the suspect from the domestic. No word yet on his condition. SWAT had been called out, but weren’t set up on the scene yet.

Hopefully the officer pulls through and no one else gets injured.



Officer Moszer isn’t expected to live. The suspect is dead, may the motherfucker rot in hell.