My review of Charlotte MacLeod’s Exit the Milkman


When the dullest man in town goes missing, and Professor Peter Shandy must figure out where to look
Although he towers over his neighbors, Jim Feldster is otherwise unremarkable, except for his mastery of cow milking and his membership in every lodge, rotary club, and brotherhood that Balaclava County has to offer. And anyone who’s met his wife, Mirelle, a vicious gossip with a hysterical streak, can understand why he never misses a meeting. But one night their neighbors, the sleuthing academics Peter and Helen Shandy, wake at 2:47 a.m. to the sound of Mirelle screaming. Jim hasn’t come home, and she will lose her mind if he isn’t found quickly. None of Jim’s lodge brothers know where to find him, and Peter’s investigation turns up few clues. But when a mystery author comes to town and Mirelle is found murdered, Peter begins to wonder if the master milker is less wholesome than he appears.

4 Stars

Overall I quite enjoyed this book. It was well paced and interesting, but the very end seemed to be just a little rushed in events. I really like the Shandy’s and president Svenson (wish he had a bigger part). Getting a look into the life of the Feldsters was rather nice. And Catriona is always a wonderful addition to the group. It’s kind of like shaking hands with an old friend after years of no contact; just delightful.

It did seem a little odd that the Feldstermeier clan was geographically so close to the college but that no one had ever heard of them considering their prominence in the dairy field.

The eBook was formatted well with just a couple of noticeable spelling errors. Once again, it’s a good thing to have a dictionary handy when reading novels by Charlotte MacLeod. She will expand your vocabulary.